Private Residence Investigation – James’s House – 10/2012

James’s House, Private Investigation

When James called us, he talked about spirit activity and also about extraterrestrials. He told us that he’s been experiencing activity for some time. He is Wiccan and practices various magics. He says he has had many alien experiences, too. Although he was more interested in the E.T. aspect, we found most of the activity was spirit centered. And there was a lot! Some of it we have never experienced! We had children in the backyard, entities in the barn, a moving wall, his son’s spirit, and other unexplained events.

When we did our baseline sweeps with K2 and Mel meters, there was no indication of activity. Everything was flat. However, we soon found baffling signs. Orbs seemed to have intelligent movement. I encountered a spirit in one bedroom that claimed to be a Native American boy. He told me, through a flashlight conversation, that he was only passing through, and then passed through!

In a middle bedroom, I used the spirit box. A voice came through telling me he was James, James’s son, who died mysteriously. He said he was killed, but that he didn’t know who did it. When asked what message he had for his father, the voice stated three times, “I love you.” Then an angry voice said, “Now get out!” That was the end of the dialogue! Was the voice a controlling spirit, or an alter ego?

The house is full of ancient Peruvian, Mayan, and North American artifacts, but we got no readings from them! We tried several times.

In the backyard, a child’s voice on the spirit box answers, ‘No!” when I ask if they are there to play. When I ask if they are Seminoles, the voice says “no.” I have the same answer when I ask if they are pioneer children and if they are Apalachicola. Are they someone else, or do they not realize who they are?

While Greg and I are standing outside looking at the barn we are joined by Rob. We all see a mist coming out of the barn, but before any of us can get a photo, the mist disappears. What is it? James says he sees it often. When we go into the barn, I ask the spirit box first, “Can we go in?” The answer is “No!” I ask again and get the same answer. When James walk in a voice in the box says, “Watch out!” and then “Be cool!” Is the voice talking to us, or to another ghost? Another itme, approaching the barn, I saw a black animal drop from the beam to the floor, but when I got closer nothing was there.

Flashlight conversations with various entities began, ended quickly, but shed virtually no light on who and why. That was very disappointing.

The most amazing thing was the breathing wall! We noticed that the distance scope on the static camera was varying between 54 and 53 feet, as though the wall were breathing in and out! The EMF readings spiked at 10 and then dropped to 0. We check the other side of the wall and found nothing abnormal. We tried to come up with an explanation and couldn’t! James said that when I tried to communicate in the other room, the readings dropped, as though someone or something went in to talk or to listen.

We hope to get back to James’s house again and further investigate. There’s a lot more there!