Private Residence Investigation – Janey’s House – 01/2013

Janey’s House

Janey and her sisters were left the house, built in 1947, by their mother. The man doing renovations sensed a “weird vibe.” Her sister didn’t like being in the house. Janey wanted to know if there were ghosts present. OPI investigated. We found no unusual EMF activity through most of the house. We did communicate through EVPs, the ovilus, and spirit box and have several orb pictures.

Lisa sensed spirits in the trees. We tried using the flashlight to communicate, but she thought they were primitive and didn’t understand what to do. We have photos with orbs in the trees! Our spirit box session yielded several responses. One was a response to the question, “Are there any animals here? The response we heard was, “No. Sheep.”

The ovilus pronounced the words “mommy, graveyard, bury, monument.” Lisa and I both sensed something was buried in the yard. There was a statue of Mary, the mother of God, surrounded by a large base. We asked Janey if something was buried underneath. She appeared surprised at our question. After some hesitation, she told us she had lost a baby early in pregnancy and she was buried under the statue!

In the house, I asked, “Do you know who Kurt is?” “Yes, Kurt,” was the answer. Kurt was the man working on the house. He was with us. “Do you see us?” “See ya!” a voice replied. We sensed a presence in one of the bathrooms. One of our photos has an orb in the bathroom. Janey confided that her mom preferred that bathroom over the others.

One of the EVPS has a voice saying, “You don’t know any of us!” Another is a man’s voice stating, “You are right! It’s a video!”

We knocked and asked if someone could repeat the pattern. There was faint knocking in return.

We learned that Janey’s father built much of the house. He may be there still. Two Mel meters were sitting on the kitchen counter, side by side. One registered a 1.5, the other a 29.1! There was nothing electric next to it! The batteries were fresh, and both meters were working well.

Our evidence leads us to believe there is paranormal activity there. It seems to be benign. It might be Janey’s parents, who worked on the house and loved it. There also seemed to be other spirits in the yard. There was no negative energy sensed and nothing to be fearful of.