Private Residence Investigation – Jerry’s Home – Manchester, KY – September 2013

Jerry’s Home
Manchester, Kentucky
Sept. 2013

Jerry’s main complaints when he called us were that something was arguing with him about everything and playing with his feet. He had been a Marine, and wasn’t easily scared, he said, but this was causing him a great deal of distress. We asked Dawn, our medium, to check it out. She reported that there was a Eurasian woman named Madeline who was massaging his feet, and bullying the other souls there. The others were a young woman and a family of three: a father and two children. Jerry told us his marriage and life had been ruined by these spirits.

We used the spirit box, ovilus, and full spectrum camera and video camera.

As we conducted our sessions, it became evident that Madeline was indeed the ringleader. “Hate you” was our first EVP, in the living room. The voice was strange, but corroborated Dawn’s contention that she died from choking. Madeline was quite hostile, and told us quite often to “shut up “and “f**** you.” The family seemed to want help, and we have some EVPs that say “help me.” We asked, “How do you feel about us being here?” What seems to be Madeline’s answer was, “Last time! Remember!” How long have you been with him?” we asked. “Forever!” was her response. She also told us, “He’s a big cuss!” “Where did you come from?” we queried. “London,” was the reply. London is the town in Kentucky where Jerry used to live, and where his ex-wife and son still reside. However, this reply was in a male voice.

In the bedroom, I asked, “Is there anything you want to say?” “I do. Help me, help me!” A female voice said, “Shut the f*** up!” It seemed that Madeline wanted to be in control! What sounds like a little boy’s voice implored, “Help me!” I asked, “Are you scared?” “Why would I be? My people,” was the retort we believe to be the voice of Madeline. We believe she was referring to the family and young woman who were in the apartment. Since Dawn told us that Madeline was part Chinese, I asked if she was Buddhist. “Yes, I am,” was the answer. A male voice told me “Shut up, dangnabit.” This evidence leads us to believe he was a southerner, as that is an old southern term. A southern accent adds to that conclusion. Dawn had told us that the family was a Black Southern family, so our findings concurred. Jerry had a small collection of cars. “Do you like cars?” we asked. A young sounding voice replied, “And you.” Going back to Madeline, we commented, “You are very angry!” “I am,” came the answer. “Are you angry with us?” we continued. “You bet,” was the retort in the same odd voice we associate with Madeline. “What happened to you?” we asked. “You wouldn’t believe it,” she replied. Dawn had told us she choked, but it seemed she didn’t want to discuss it. The ovilus gave us there very pertinent words: bossed around, enemy, and confined. We believe these came from the family, and referred to Madeline. We wanted to know, “Is your son named Jacob?” This was also Jerry’s son’s name. “I’m Jacob,” came a voice sounding like a child. “Are you Jacob?” “Agreed,” was the response. Someone we believe is Madeline interrupted us several times saying, “Shut up! F*** and either “I’ll kill you or I’ll hit you.” When we said to the family, “You don’t have to do what Madeline says,” our reply was, “We have to, alright.” This indicated to us that they felt bullied and trapped. Further, the voice we believe is Madeline told us, “I do!” in response to “Do you like being mean?”

In Jerry’s bedroom, a male voice called, “Help me, guys!” A female voice told me, “We knew you were coming!” We did help the family because Dawn, in her mediumship role, crossed them. “Why didn’t you go to the light?” I wondered. A southern voice responded, “He was headin’ to the light.” We wonder what happened to bring them back! Perhaps it was the mom, who still survives. “Remember!” asked a male voice. “”Yeah, mom,” Replied a female voice. Could it be the father and daughter?

Back in the living room, the REM pod was going continuously, lighting up and making noise. Greg took a picture that showed a dark energy surrounding Jerry on the couch. Not wanting him to be further assaulted, we turned off the REM pod to prevent it from gaining any more energy. We believe it was Madeline. She responded to questions on the flashlight, turning it off and on. She admitted she was there, that she was touching him, and so on. An orb shot between the couch and coffee table. In our final EVP session, someone told us, “I’m like Moses!” Could this be Madeline’s hope to be a leader with many followers? The response to our question, “Who is touching him?” a girl’s voice answered, ‘It’s Mad! Next to you.”

As of now, the family is gone, and Madeline remains the sole presence in the apartment. She will likely leave in time, as there are no followers to “boss around.” We will remain in touch with Jerry until he feels more in control or until she leaves.