Private Residence Investigation – Judy and George’s House – Grundy, VA – 05/2013

Judy and George
Grundy, VA
May, 2013

Judy and George love their house. They feel as if they lived there before. But there is paranormal activity and they are curious about it. They have had the house investigated before, but still wanted more answers. OPI was called. An old cemetery adjoins the property. Another house may have been built on the site many years ago. Jill and her daughter, Abby, believe they are sensitive. They see a Civil War era soldier in the master bedroom, a man in the hall, and a little girl in Brenda’s room. Shadows pass by the windows at night. Abby said a little boy used to visit her room, but she was afraid of him. She described him as about 8 years old with red hair, freckles, pale skin, and a bloody face. She and her mother cleansed the house by saging it and he left. He stands at the foot of the drive and stares at her now. When we did our baseline meter readings, everything was normal except for one thing. In Judy and George’s bedroom, a statue of the Egyptian goddess Bast sits on the dresser. My Mel meter leaped to a 3.7 at the statue, and then dropped immediately to 0.0! I asked Angel to get a reading moments later, and it was still 0.0! Jill told me that artifact had been in the house when they moved in. Someone’s energy may attach to it. We recommend she take it out of the house.

We set up cameras in the master bedroom, Abby’s room, and the kitchen. A motion detector camera was in the laundry room. She claims a little girl named Elizabeth comes into her room through the closet and plays with toys at night. The closet door often opens on its own, she says. When we asked if Elizabeth talks to Abby, a voice responded, “Once.” The same voice also said, “Mother.” There is another person in the room, too. A male voice uttered in a breathy voice, “I love you.” Was he speaking to Abby, Judy, me, or Elizabeth? We don’t know. The family believes that Henry is Elizabeth’s father, and that she fears him. They say he paces back and forth by the door. The ovilus was active. When Abby’s kitten went into the closet, the ovilus spoke the word “Scratch.” When Judy made a comment about picking up a dime, the ovilus responded “alright.” Judy said, “She can’t find her mommy.” “It’s you,” was a response. “Do you need something,” we asked. “Yes, home,” came the answer. The kitten at first was very welcoming to Greg, then suddenly began hissing at him. It was odd! We also employed the flashlight to answer questions.

From Abby’s room, we went next door to what had been the boy’s room. According to Judy and George, the boys fought so much once they were in the room that they both moved out! They believe it’s negative energy. There was an unbalanced feel in the room. I was drawn to the closet for some reason. Judy told us that her son was awakened one morning by a woman singing “Amazing Grace” and pulling his risqué posters off the wall. She then climbed into his bed and massaged his leg! When he protested, she disappeared. Judy doesn’t like this room, so I went in without her. “Are you the one who pulled the posters off the wall?” I asked. A male voice replied, “Yes, they hurt the people.” At the end of the session, a chorus of voices told me, “We go to sleep.”

In the master bedroom, Abby said she saw the soldier, so I asked if he were from Virginia. “Virginian.” Is the answer we heard later in review. There were also knocking sounds that are unexplained. “Will you talk to me” I asked. “Of course not!” was the male voice that replied. “Confederate or Yankee,” I asked. “Jesus, I’m Confederate!” he shot back. Abby told us she saw buttons on his jacket that said CSA –Confederate States of America. He told us he was looking for “my girl “and “home.” Then Abby said she thought a woman was in the room. Looking at the corner, I begin to ask questions. “F*** you! I’m over here!” we heard later, listening to the playback. She seemed to not know I couldn’t see her!

We trooped down the hill to try to communicate with the little boy. We saw a shadow run around the corner and into the bushes. When we asked if he were the boy who stands here, he said, “No” and then something else we couldn’t understand. It sounded as if he were speaking in my ear!

Our Medium, Dawn believes the soldier was a Confederate officer looking for his wife and son. He didn’t realize how many years had passed. He was there with another soldier, whose uniform fitted badly, she said. They told her when a soldier died, his uniform was given to someone else. The officer’s son was outside the house, and Dawn was able to unite them and convince them to cross over. Elizabeth, Dawn says, is a spirit guide for the daughter, Abby. Henry is her father and only causes trouble when he is upset about turmoil in the family. He himself was shot by his second wife but was abusive to his first. There were others entities in the home, but Dawn believes she has convinced them to “go home” as she says, or cross over, and leave the family alone. Elizabeth will remain for the time being to help Brenda. We requested the family to bring in positive energy by enjoying themselves and getting out more. The statue that caused the meter to spoke has been disposed of. Judy told us she is feeling better. Abby, Dawn believes, has real psychic power and is working with her.