Private Residence Investigation – Kitty’s Home – Virginia Beach, VA – 08/2013

Kitty’s Home
Virginia Beach, VA
Aug. 2013

Kitty called on OPI for help. In the few months she’d been in her townhome, she had felt she was being watched; photos of her son included a huge white orb; the back door was occasionally wide open after it had been locked; the family heard footsteps when no one was there; and there were cold spots in the living room. We believed the bright white orbs to be positive energy, so we relayed that information. It seemed to reassure the family. When we called to confirm her investigation, Kitty told us she was now being touched, her daughter had seen a shadow, and the water in the kitchen turned on by itself. She mentioned the odd incidents to her landlord and that she was going to have an investigation. The landlord wasn’t surprised. The complex itself is not old, built probably in the 1980s.

We brought along our new trainee, Bernie, who also lives in Virginia Beach. We met Kitty, her daughter, her son, and her dogs. The initial meter sweeps showed little unusual activity. The only unexplained change was a 0.1 on the Mel meter at the bottom of the stairs. Near the microwave and refrigerator, there were spikes, but that is expected. Kitty showed us some photos she had taken, with the orb over her son, unexplained horizontal scratches on the wall, and a possible indentation on the couch. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay. The people who had lived there before her had left in a hurry, she told us.

We used our spirit box, K2 meter, Mel meter, full spectrum video camera, full spectrum still camera, Ovilus, and flashlights.

We began our first EVP session in Kitty’s room. Her closet door sometimes opened and she felt a presence there. “Will you communicate with us?” we asked. “Pick up, pickup” was the response we got. It reminded us of early phone calls. It became clear early on that at least 2 of the entities were not happy to have us there! Immediately after the “pick up” a man’s voice relayed the message, “Shut up!” That was followed by what sounded like another male voice saying, “Whazzup?” It seems like a more contemporary ghost. “You sound like a man,” I ventured. His reply was, “I’m a man. Fireman. Fireman.” Initially, we thought there might have been a fire in another building that stood on the property at one time. Bernie did some research and discovered that the area was part of a military base and was used to train gunners. Military jargon for gun crew is fireman. The Ovilus also gave us the word “fire.” I had an orb appear to shoot out from my back twice during this session. Further EVPs in the bedroom yielded a few “get outs” and some cursing from what sounded like both a man and woman’s voices! There were some hostile energies! A male sounding voice also said my name, “MaryJo.” We continued a second session. “Are you ready to communicate?” we asked. “OK, thank god.” responded a male sounding voice. “Don’t tell,” cautioned the female. We have what seems like conversations between the entities. A man asked, “What’s that?” “Video,” answered a woman’s voice. Did the man come from a time before video cameras? Another two way spirit talk was, “Thank you, Ruthie.” “Try it, please!” A child like voice pleaded, “Help!” Another juvenile voice retorted, “No, I can’t help. You do it!” “Do you dislike them?” we asked, referring to the family. “No, see ‘em . . . month and a half,” was the enigmatic reply! A child’s voice was singing, “They went that a way.” “Not too bad,” was a male voice’s response. It was here that the second orb seemed to fly from my back. The woman said, “F*** you,” again. A man’s voice chided, “Hey!” as though he didn’t like the language We had the flashlights, and requested that they be turned off or on as a communication tool, but had little luck with them all night.

Kitty, Bernie and I went to the living room for the next session. Kitty’s daughter, Dina, joined us. We managed to get the flashlight to turn on, but only once. It may have been a “fly by.” We asked who stomps upstairs. “Not me.” “Why do you do it?” was our question. A man’s voice countered, “I have to.” He then proceeded to tell one or all of us, “I love you, I love you.” We asked, “Are you here because you want to be?” “Correct,” was a female voices comeback! The Ovilus gave us the words “soldiers” and “march” which corresponds to our theory that one of the energies is possibly a military man. Kitty then told us that she sometimes hears gunshots, but police aren’t responding. Could this be residual energy from the military base? We found out through research that pirates in the 1700 and 1800s had used the area. A female voice said, “Cut throats.” That is a pirate term. Kitty then said she felt a pain in her throat. This may have been a ghost trying to show how she/he died. While we were asking what had happened, we got an EVP that was 2 sentences! “I’m 19. The cannon broke down! A 9 cannon.” This certainly offers an explanation for the pain in the throat! So does the “Cut throat.” Either explanation is reasonable. We continued a little later in the living room. “We’re coming,’ announced a male voice. “Thank you,” responded a female voice. “Go back, ya hear,” said another male voice. “What is my name? “ I asked. “Blonde OPI was the answer! I was, of course, wearing my OPI shirt, and I have blonde hair! This was a very intelligent and interactive response! We asked why the energy is there. “Kids,” was our answer. We heard Greg’s last name, Bush and the word “Angel” twice. Angel is part of the team. However, she wasn’t with us! Did the ghost know us from somewhere?

We went up to the master bedroom for the next session. When we asked, “Why are you here?” our answer was “help her.” What sounded like a child was chanting “ 30410.” This is a zip code in Georgia, but that isn’t necessarily what it means. It could be a house number, or a birthdate, or something else. A voice sounding like a woman told us, “I’d like a little wine!”. In the 1700’s wine was thought to restore health to invalids. Was she someone who just appreciated wine, or was she an invalid, or was it something else? We may never know. I had asked my spirit guide, Willow, to be with us. A voice demanded, “Let’s see Willow come.” Bernie made a joke, and a voice told her, “good one.” Then we asked “Where you sent here?” “I don’t know,” a voice retorted. “Why were you sent here?” A voice answered, “You want Calvin.” Who is Calvin, we wonder! “Will you leave,” we queried. “Never, I don’t want to leave!” man’s voice countered. We seemed to be communicating well. As I ended the session, a clear, polite, woman’s voice came through, “Ladies, f*** you!”

The final session was in Dina’s room. A child was sing-songing a word that sounded like nonsense, “sofabeabean.” It’s something a young child might do! “Do you like her?” we asked. “Yes, love her!” said a voice. The flashlight turned off and on in response to questions. We intercepted what seems like a conversation. “I love you,” a woman’s voice said. “Shut up!” responded a man’s voice. “Are you here to hurt us? “ the family asked. “Safe,” was the comeback.

OPI believes that at least 2 men, a woman, and a child are in the house. One is a Civil War Soldier, because of the reference to the 9 cannon. The others we aren’t sure of. The area has so much history, it could be pirates, settlers, military, or recent inhabitants. We have contacted our Medium and she is attempting to speak with them to discover their exact history.