Private Residence Investigation – Leticia’s House – Okeechobee, FL – 05/2014

Leticia’s House
Okeechobee, FL
May 2014

One of our team members, Leah, worked with Leticia, and so heard her story. She asked Leticia to call us and set up an investigation. Leticia told us that her children refused to play in the back yard. Her daughters didn’t sleep in their room. When they all gathered in her room to watch a movie, she would see an unexplained shadow in the hall. Her son was uneasy, and so was she. Two lawn chairs were repeatedly tossed to a corner of the yard. Her husband was away from home most evenings during the week, so she was alone with the children. Leah, a sensitive, visited the home and detected a man with a head injury. She thought he was confused. She picked up the name Peter. We learned later that Leticia’s husbands name is Peter.

OPI scheduled the investigation on a night when the children could visit with Grandma. Our baseline meter readings were quite normal. We decided to do some EVP sessions with and without the spirit box, and to try the flashlight, too. We didn’t get much activity at this house, but there was enough to know that there was something paranormal.

We began in the girls’ room. When I turned on the box, a voice asked, “Who’s that?” Peter and Leticia thought the soul might be a friend of hers who died in a motorcycle accident. However, we didn’t get a definitive answer. They thought it might also be Peter’s friend Julio. Again, we didn’t get a definite answer.

We moved to the boy’s room. When I began to ask questions, the answers came up on the ovilus Leah had. “Mexican” and “gun” came up. I did ask if he was a Mexican and if he had been shot. I asked, “Why are you here?” “Forgot,” a voice replied. That tied into Leah’s impression that he was confused. Since gun came up, I asked if there was a gun. “He did,” was the answer. Several seconds later, “help me” came through the box.

Leticia said she often felt she was being watched in the kitchen. An EVP there said, “I’m dying.” We used the flashlight to ask yes/no questions, and determined that a young woman was also with us. Leah thought she was afraid to leave because someone had hurt her, and she was afraid of him. The light seemed to confirm that. Leah asked if her name was Araceli, and the light responded in the affirmative. She had lived in the 1950s. She seemed to think of Leticia as her mom. Leticia spoke to her in Spanish and received some answers that way.

Later, Peter made a connection. His friend’s father had been shot in the head. The killer’s rational was that the man abused him. Peter thinks his friend’s dad wanted Peter to know that wasn’t true, that the killing was part of a robbery. We asked Dawn what she could find. She discovered completely different set of souls: Carlos and his daughter Rebecca, who died in a car accident; Shaun, who was the victim of a hit and run at the age of 9; and Wendy who committed suicide. None of the spirits seemed particularly anxious to communicate with us that night. Perhaps they felt threatened for some reason, or wary of us as strangers. Or maybe they were trying, but we just weren’t picking it up. As investigators, we realize this happens, but it is frustrating. At any rate, the spirits had help to cross over, and Leticia and her family no longer feel afraid.