Private Residence Investigation – Lizzie’s Home – 04/2013

Lizzie’s Home
Western North Carolina
April 2013

As Lizzie told it to us, her sister had died after a long battle with cancer. During the many years she had the disease, she was a successful woman, earning a high salary and traveling. She even spent a year in India. At the moment of her death, an African mask fell from the wall and shattered on the floor! Ever since then, Lizzie and her daughter, Sue, had been experiencing paranormal events. One day Lizzie spotted an owl perched on a door in the house. Kitchen cabinet doors opened on their own. The smell of sulphur was sometimes in the home. There were unexplained sounds. Appliances broke. Even the phone would cut off. Odd texts came over the phone, too. Sue was afraid to go to the basement on her own. Lizzie was afraid her sister had made a bargain of some sort to continue living for such a long time. Now, she thought, something was trying to take her or her daughter as payment! They lived at the top of a hill in an older home. Lizzie has lived there for 20 years, and never experienced this activity before.

When OPI arrived, Lizzie showed us through the house, and told us her daughter Sue’s door often slammed on its own. We took our baseline reading, got a feel for the house, and set up three cameras: one in Sue’s room, one in Lizzie’s bedroom, and one in the kitchen, hoping to capture activity. We all felt a presence in Sue’s room and the basement. While Greg and Rob conducted an EVP session in the basement, I set up in Sue’s room. I used my trusty flashlight, the ovilus, and the spirit box. The ghost in the house, as we found, is techno savvy, because the spirit box did nothing but create noise for the entire investigation! We believe I spoke with Lizzie’s sister, Kerrie! The flashlight turned off and on in response to questions. Through this method, we garnered that Kerrie was in the home protecting her family. When I turned off the ovilus, and asked Kerrie if she wanted to communicate through the flashlight, she turned off the light, indicating she wanted to continue with both. As for the spirit box, an EVP said, “Turn it off, turn it off!” When I asked why she was in Sue’s room, a woman’s voice replied, “The music’s here.” Lizzie told us that Sue’s boyfriend often plays music there. Other EVPs are “I can see you, I can hear you?” and “Lock the door!” We continued the session, and the woman’s voice told us she was there because, “Lizzie’s here.” When asked “Is something trying to hurt them?” the cryptic answer was, “You know.” The ovilus communicated by articulating the word “man” when I asked who she was protecting Lizzie from! When asked if she were strong willed, the ovilus uttered the word “possible”. Lizzie had told us her sister was very strong willed! There was a thumping sound on the recording. “I love you,” was the response when I posed the question, “What do you want to tell her?” We also heard “Help me” and “mother.” The ovilus spoke the word “momma” which was relevant because Lizzie had lost a baby many years ago. We wondered if she was the one speaking.

In Lizzie’s room, a female voice came across in our EVPs saying three times, “I can’t sleep.” There is also a picture of the ceiling that shows an energy. Due to the dark brown parts of it, our medium, Dawn, believes it is negative.

In the basement, the ovilus gave us the words “laugh” and “thing” and a male voice whispered, “You can ask me.” Pictures show a very shadowed area in the corner, and the next shot is clear. An orb flashed across the camera’s viewfinder. We didn’t see this until evidence review. The cabinet doors opened sometime during the night.

In the office, I felt something looking at me in the window, and in the pictures later, there are shadows. Our EVPs yielded some interesting resulting. “Will you turn on the flashlight?” “Never!” was the reply. Other EVPs include “Get away,” “I’m mad at her” and “I think we’re good”. Later on, I smelled flowers in the room, but only briefly.

In the living room, we all asked questions. Lizzie was especially concerned about Sue. An EVP spoke the word, “We like girl.” It was an odd accent. The ovilus had “cleansing,” and “demon.”

In the kitchen, Greg and I were conducting an EVP session, when I suddenly became overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness. It wasn’t my feeling, but it brought tears to my eyes. It may have been Kerrie, saddened because she couldn’t help as she wanted. We don’t know! Our session yielded answers that gave us more questions! “Did you do something wrong?” we asked. “Course she did!” retorted a voice. Who was that? “Something. I’m sorry,” a female voice uttered. It continued, “Know my secret! Help me!”” In the kitchen, we took several pictures with orbs, including a few that have a smaller orb with a larger orb. Could one of them be the baby with a caregiver? It’s just a possibility. I felt a presence on the steps, and called over Greg. As he was approaching, a cabinet door opened and then slammed shut, distracting him. Was it just coincidence? There are also figures in the window in the kitchen which appear to be outside. Figures in the office and living room also appear to be outside. A white face, very similar to an owl is in several photos. It is on the stairway, but never in the same spot. This adds credibility to Lizzie’s claim about the owl in the house! The door it sat on was at the top of the stairs!

We will be monitoring this case and trying to help find a way for Lizzie and Sue to enjoy the serenity of their home again!