Private Residence Investigation – Lourdes’s House – Ft. Pierce, FL – 05/2014

Lourdes’s House
Fort Pierce, FL
May 2014

When we first spoke with Lourdes, she told us she believed her mother was in the house. Loud noises kept her and her boyfriend from sleeping, and the curtains she had hung in her mom’s old room were on the floor in the morning. When she was speaking about her mom to her friend, her mom’s favorite song came on the radio. Lourdes was expecting a baby soon, and wanted to know if the quarrel she had with her mom the day she died was still causing her mother anger. She wanted to be friends again. Lucy lives with her boyfriend, brother, and brother’s friend in the home her mom bought before she died. She had the house blessed, but still felt tension. One day, a friend was in the bathroom when the doorknob jiggled, but no one else was in the house. The water turned on by itself. A friend thought she saw Lourdes’s mom.

We arrived at the house, and took our usual baseline readings. Nothing was unusual. Everything was flat, except near the refrigerator and the wall in a bedroom that shared the kitchen wall with the refrigerator and stove. I, however, felt a presence. Further, Dawn had told us at least 3 souls were there: Shaun, a four year old boy, Megan, a young girl killed in a car accident, and Billy, a victim of drug overdose. The neighbor came out to see what we were doing in the yard and confided that it was her son who had crept into the house and tore down the curtains! He thought it a funny prank! This demonstrates that we have to look at all possibilities and not assume paranormal activity. Since Lourdes strongly believed her mother was there, we began in the mom’s old room. We had a K2 meter and two flashlights which could be used to answer yes/no questions. Lourdes began to speak to her mom. I designated one light for yes answers and the other for no. She was emotional when the lights began to turn on and off in response to her questions. We determined that her mother wanted to speak with her, forgave her the quarrel, and was happy about the baby coming. We employed the spirit box, too. EVPs from there include the mom’s name, “Luce,” “my baby, I love you much, and pretty.” “Sweetie” came through. I asked if her mom ever called her that. “All the time,” she informed me. When we took a photo of an energy, I said, “You’re pretty. Thank you.” “You’re welcome,” could be heard clearly responding through the box. The ovilus also said “Luce.” A voice answered Lourdes’ question, “Do you want to talk to me?” “Yes, yes,” it said. We heard this later, not at the time. Lourdes spoke in Spanish part of the time, and some Spanish words came through, too, including mano (hand) and gaucho (cowboy). We also spoke to Billy, who we believed was there to warn Lourdes brother against the drugs and alcohol he was using. When Lourdes asked, “Did you try giving him your message?” a male voice answered, “I beg you help.” He later added, “He won’t listen to me.” There was several times we heard through the box, “f***ers” and “F*** you!” so someone was obviously angry. Later, listening to the audio, we heard the response, “I don’t want to.” to the request to have a picture taken.

We went to the second bedroom. “We’re not here to hurt you,” we said. “You can’t hurt us,” was the reply. We asked to speak to Billy, Megan, and Shaun. “I’m Billy.” “I’m Megan.” “I’m David.” We’re not sure who David is, perhaps a passerby. We also got the name Edward. Lourdes asked Megan if she wanted her to watch her driving. “No drinking,” was her answer. Another EVP through the spirit box was, “What if he don’t stop it? He’ll kill.” We think this is a reference to her brother. We asked if they needed help, as always. “Yes, thank you,” was our response. Dawn will come by later to offer crossing over help.

We entered the third bedroom. Lourdes told us the door opened all the time and she couldn’t keep it closed. We thought it might be little Shaun, since he was closed up in a car and suffocated in the heat. He would want to be able to pass freely through the house. However, a voice heard later told us, “I’m not Shaun.” Lourdes declared, “Whoever did it to you were bad people.” “We’ll get even,” a voice through the box chillingly promised. Another spirit box EVP was, “Where’s my whiskey?” A woman’s voice asked, “A bottle?” “Medio” was another EVP; a word that means medium is Spanish. Maybe they were waiting for Dawn. We showed Lourdes a picture Greg took of a green orb. We told her it was a healing color. “What does white mean,” a voice heard later inquired.

We paid a final visit to Luce’s room. “Waz up!” said a voice. I replied, “Was up!” “I’m well,” was the answer. A shouted, “We’re leavin’ now?” could be heard later. It was so loud; I thought it was Beau in the room getting ready to leave for work.

In the last clip, I focused the camera on a mirror. Lourdes could be seen reflected in it. “Me niña,” said a voice, heard later. In Spanish, this means, my girl.

Lourdes is convinced we spoke to her mom, and the answers we got definitely point to that. The answers from the spirit we supposed was Billy are also very interactive and relevant. We are sure that Lourdes was having activity and are waiting for Dawn to cross over whoever is there. Luce, we believe, has already crossed over and is awaiting the birth of her grandchild.