Private Residence Investigation – Malen’s House – Winter Garden, FL – 05/2013

Malen’s House
Winter Garden
May 2013

Malen called OPI with a need to know what has been in the house for years. Black shadows, orbs by the thousands, and possible possession were her claims. She told us she had a paranormal group who left quickly, a “church psychic” who tried to help, and a preacher. None of them returned. When we returned after our walk through, she and her son were surprised. This was one of our saddest cases.

We had Dawn with us, she’s our medium. We did our walk through and baseline readings. This was a very odd structure! There was a bomb shelter and a missile silo. The previous owner liked to have what nobody else had. The house was rather dark. It stands on the edge of a lake. As Dawn walked the grounds, she said she saw a little girl, who darted into the bomb shelter. She also saw several children on the silo roof. Malen and her son said they often saw a huge orb hovering over the silo. Very large orbs can be several presences banding together. Dawn and I felt sadness here. Malen and her son told us that in the 1800s, a man who lived on the property killed his wife. His daughter disappeared, and she was presumed dead, too.

Many of our EVPS ask for help. A majority are children’s voices. There is a crawl space under the house. An opening in the fireplace floor allowed us to look down into it. An EVP from there says, “Mommy, come down here.” When we asked, “Is anyone down here?” we recorded the answer “yeah.” “Help me.” Who would be in the crawl space? Something tragic happened here, and perhaps not just in the 1800s.

Greg and I went into the bomb shelter. It was in disrepair, after so many years, and cluttered with debris. I felt a touch on my lower leg. It was dark and the air was stale. “Hello.” “Help me.” “I’m Sorry.” These were three of our EVPs there. Outside the shelter, we recorded “Save us!”

In the backyard, we also recorded some unsettling EVPs. A male voice said, “No, no.” A hoarse whisper pleaded, “Please help me.” Twice we recorded “help me.” There was a growl. An unnerving EVP said, “Murder, murder.”

In one of the bedrooms, I heard singing. It sounded like the “A, B, and C Song.” A voice said, “Papa.” When I asked, “Where are the kids?” I heard the chilling, “We’re dead!” Then, “Stop! “Help!” We also caught the name Horace. A man’s voice said “God bless you.” He may have been talking to me. “Hey, lady,” called a juvenile voice. Several seconds later, “I’m tellin’ ‘em!” In reply to our question, “Is somebody here?” we recorded, “Here! I’m still here!” We filmed an orb shooting by.

In the silo, we have more sad and troubling EVPs. “Get me.” “I’m here.” We asked, “Do you need help?” “Yes,” answered what sounds like a child’s voice. “Who is the man who used to live here?” “My brother,” was the response.

In Malen’s room, I heard a loud moan. When I asked the others if they heard, they had! It sounded like a woman in distress. Later, we heard it again!

Dawn’ belief is that someone who knew about the bomb shelter lured the children here, and let them die. She had three men’s spirits there. Was one the brother? Who was the other? They wouldn’t give names. This was over a period of many years. Some were runaways. Since we don’t have the children’s last names, it would be impossible to trace them.

At the end of the investigation, we decided to help these children’s spirits crossover. Dawn led the process. The children all crossed. After a bit of an argument, the men crossed, too. One said, “I’m sorry,” according to Dawn. We hope all the spirits that caused the family distress have gone and will leave them in peace.