Private Residence Investigation – Marie & Dina’s Home – Canton, OH – September 2013

Marie and Dina
Canton, OH
Sept. 2013

When Marie called, she sounded frantic! She, her kids, and Dina had just moved into a new place. There were sounds, things moved from place to place, shadows, and a feeling of being watched. Since we were in Ohio anyway, we decided to not sightsee for the day and do an investigation. Marie called a few times, and sent pictures from her cell phone that she found very disturbing. We asked two of our trainees, Barb and Jason, to accompany us. We asked Dawn, our medium, for her impressions. She told us she thought a family of three was being held hostage inside the house, from an armed robbery turned into murder. Outside were the three who did the deed. The pictures indicated a woman and young child looking out a front window, negative energy in the garage window, and something in the living room.

When we arrived, the house was in a rural area, in the middle of a cornfield! Although Marie had been told by neighbors the house was 100 years old, we could find no records beyond 1974. Indeed, it looked like the typical 1970s split level home: bedroom, bathroom, living and dining area upstairs, with bedrooms, kitchen, family room and bath down. An unusual feature was a large bedroom off the back doorway, which was used by family friend Nino, an older teenager. There were two garages, and a nice patio area. When we arrived, only Nino was home, and we began our investigation. The initial meter readings were normal in most areas of the home. The steps immediately inside the front door seemed high, as did the arbor at the front entry, the upstairs bath, and a chair in the living room. One event that was distracting and a hindrance to the investigation was a dehumidifier device which automatically went on every several minutes and created a loud noise! In the living room, and the area in front of one of the garages, we had high meter readings and pictures of dark energy.

Once the meter reading was completed, we began the picture-taking, EVP sessions, video recording part of our investigation. In the living room, we had activity immediately! Whenever we approached the living room chair, the K2 went up to red and held. The flashlight positioned nearby seemed to answer the questions, “Is someone here? Are you attached to the house? Is this a family?” EVP sessions yielded: “What you got here?” from a male voice questioning a meter; “Call the children,” in response to the question, “What would you like us to do?” and “I thought you might help me.”We returned to the living room later, because it was so active!

While Greg wandered around taking pictures, Jay went with him taking more meter readings. Barb went into other parts of the home taking meter readings. I went into the bathroom for an EVP session because Marie told us she felt very uneasy in there. . It was surprisingly revealing! I began.
“She feels uneasy in here.”
“Are you a man?”
“I’m not a man, f*** you,”
“A man?”
“What’s your name?”
“Mary. My neck”
“Are you unhappy the family is here?”
“Mommy, “in a child’s voice.
“Were you a farmer?”
“Yes’m,”replied a male voice.

The readings in there were unexplainable! They went up and down, with me, Greg, and Jay all doing sweeps throughout the night. We don’t know what caused it! We do understand why Marie felt so uncomfortable in there!

In the baby’s room downstairs, we heard EVPs saying “remember” several times. In the two girls’ room, a strange voice told us, “I’m pretty freaky!” Another voice told us, “I’m helpless.” We did pick up two names, Lila and Joanie. These were not names Dawn had given us, so they may have been fly by’s, spirits passing through.

Barb and I went into Marie’s room. Employing the spirit box, we heard a child’s voice say, “”Let me go!” This seems to validate Dawns assentation that the family was being held hostage! “No name?” we asked. “I do,” replied a male voice. An orb shot across the view. Just before I asked, “Are you touching me?” a male EVP said, “Feel it?” There is a chuckle when I ask, “Can you touch my other foot?”

Outside, I asked, “Do you know anything about the pedophile who used to live here?” A female voice answered, “Does Lar know him!” Dawn had told us that one of the men outside was named Larry!

Greg took several pictures in the stairway of energies, mostly negative. He reported that at one point, he said, “Willow and Centria, clear the stairs.” Immediately following that request, a bright white energy is photographed! Willow and Centria are spirit guides.

A hotspot continued to be the living room chair! Barb was getting consistently high K2 meter readings. Whenever we put a flashlight nearby, it would respond to questions. We cleared the chair so it was free to sit in!

In the family room, Barb and I conducted a flashlight conversation with someone who claimed to be a “mixed blood” man whose home was burned down by the KKK. He told us his wife was with him. Was this the truth? We don’t know. Spirits don’t always tell us the truth, and we can’t see them to validate what they say.

Dawn crossed over the group outside, and will cross over the family held hostage inside soon. It was important to allow the family in the house their freedom. Marie and Dina tell us that the house feels lighter, and they feel better. Therefore, both the living and the dead have been helped. During the investigation, none of us in the house felt threatened, although outside was somewhat different, in the front.