Private Residence Investigation – Mary’s House – Jasper, FL – 11/2012

1st Visit

OPI received a phone call from Joe, a high school student who told us his grandmother’s house was haunted. Most of the activity, he claimed, was outside. Once we arrived, Mary told us she saw the spirit of a girl with an Army blanket around her head. It scared her. Joe also saw it. He said she had black eyes. At night, he saw her walking around the yard. He didn’t like being in the back yard. He felt the presence there strongly. Once, he was passing by May’s house and saw the ghost staring at his grandmother. When he tried to go in, he was held back by unseen arms! The family heard knocking on the outside of the house. Mary saw a little girl walk through the room and then disappear. Greg and I did our baseline sweeps and set up cameras.

The house is on a creek on one side with a railroad track on the other. These could both provide transport for people of the past. Water is believed to be a conductor of spirit energy.

We had flashlight conversations with a little girl who had a hard time manipulating the light and another spirit who claimed to be a man. The family had never seen this before! Our spirit box session netted a woman who said “f*** you” several times. We also hear, “back off!” Clearly, we weren’t welcome. Some words sounded Spanish. One phrase sounded like “ayes de” which I found translated to “woes.”

I noticed that while in the backyard, the wind was very strong, but only slightly breezy in the front. I asked if someone was out there with us. A voice hissed ”yesss” which I picked up later in an EVP!

Joe and his cousin Jake were watching the monitors, Suddenly, Joe and Jake said they saw the girl, standing in the corner of a bedroom. Later, we carefully reviewed the video, but saw nothing! If they saw the entity, and we believe they did, it was because of their own sensitivities.

We found that Mary’s bedroom seemed to be the most active room in the house. One of our static night vision cameras was set up in there. Later, as we reviewed our evidence, the orb activity was amazing! Orbs blinked, flew around the room and seemed to come from the mirror.

Joe was truly alarmed by what he had been seeing. Based on that, the hissing voice, the knocking, the odd backyard wind, and the orb activity, we decided to come back a second time.

2nd Visit

On our next visit, we brought along Lisa. We hoped that she could help Joe with his own psychic abilities as well as help with the investigation. We tried to research the property, but found very little information. There had been a large farm there, perhaps going back to the days of slavery. A small community called Avoca was there from the 1890s until the 1930s. There was a store, 3 mills, a post office, and a school. What happened to Avoca is a mystery! Joe had done some research on his own. He thought the ghosts were a girl who was killed and her killer. Lisa thought the man had not meant to do it.

We set up one camera in Mary’s room again and one outside in the backyard. In the backyard there are flurries of orbs, ones that spring from the ground, and some that are very unusual in shape. Mary’s room again was full of orb activity.

Jake and I conducted a flashlight conversation in one of the bedrooms. The spirit claimed to be the dead girl, Mary. She didn’t want me in the room. While he spoke with her, we heard loud knocking on the outside of the house.

Joe spoke with an energy who asserted she was his great grandma, there to watch over his grandma. She said she didn’t want to leave. In the same room later, Jake asserted he heard steps in the bathroom. I heard something, but couldn’t tell what it was.
We all went into the woods for a spirit box session. We asked if there were nature spirits or spites there. A little, feminine voice sang the word, “yes.” Later on, photos of the area show bright orbs with wings! At the conclusion of the session, we asked if it was alright for us to go in, because it was cold. The same voice again sang the word “yes.”

Our EVPs include “get out” twice, banging, and “go back.”

The ovilus told us there are bones under our boots. It said levitation.

While 3 of us were sitting on the back porch, we heard a hiss and the word “yeah” in a nasty voice. Later on, the door banged. Whether something was coming in, going out, or just letting us know it was there we don’t know.

During the night, after we had gone, Mary levitated in her bed and a large apparition leapt on her! After reviewing the tapes we thought the presence might be demonic, which is what Joe thought from the beginning. Mary asked a relative who is a minister to come bless the house. We are hoping the evil spirits are gone. We will continue to monitor this case closely and are keeping this file open.