Private Residence Investigation – Matt & Dianna’s House – Idamay, WV – 08/2013

Matt and Dianna’s House
Idamay, WV
Aug. 2013

Matt called us reporting shadows, cold spots, Dianna being touched, and a feeling of uneasiness in their home. She’s been scratched! One day Dianna was being pulled out of bed by her ankle! Another time a neighbor saw a figure walk across the living room but no one was home. Both of them have heard their names called by the other, but each denies having called out. A coffee pot was thrown off the counter! Her sister has been a witness to some of the events. Idamay is a small, former mining town in the mountains. Matt told us that the mines run under the building. There was an explosion many years ago that killed 12 miners. Their bodies were never recovered. The town was named for one of the owner’s daughter, Idamay. Another mine was named Caroline for another daughter. Dianna was so nervous about the activity she didn’t like being home by herself. Their 12 year old nephew, a frequent guest, sees shadows. The old company store is about a block away, with a big tree next to it. We didn’t know it, but we were about to communicate with at least 3 different energies.

The apartment is cozy and compact. We began in the living room. As we were beginning to set up, both the K2 meters began flashing to red! Greg had one and I had the other. We initially thought it might be electric lines, but it wasn’t! The K2 meters were extremely active all night! We used our new phone app, Ghost Detect Pro, and had many photos! We were going to begin in the bedroom, since that seemed to be a hot spot. The K2 meter began flashing to red in the living room! Meter activity decided that we’d start in the living room. Our first EVP was, “I missed him – go back!” which may have been a reference to the rescue efforts at the mine explosion! We got the names Jim and Michael. The ovilus gave us Jessica. We also had some cursing and “shut up” comments. All the time, the two K2 meter were flashing up to red! This was unusual for us! Our meters don’t usually react in this way! The ovilus gave us the name Jesus. “Do you believe in Jesus?” we asked. A voice told us, “He’s the one who loves us.” We continued, “Did you mine coal here?” “My brother was,” a juvenile voice told us. A man’s voice asked, “Please get my father.” The ovilus said the word “woods.” There is a woods behind the apartment building. We caught the name James Cole or James Colt. Since Dianna claimed someone played with her hair, we asked about that. “My time,” claimed a young voice. He went on to tell us, “I never harmed her. Angry.” “Who made you stay here,” we queried. “Mommy.” We began to suspect that there was child there. Dianna, a former teacher, asked, “Do you miss your mommy?” after we got the word mommy from the ovilus. “I don’t like my mommy anymore!” was the reply. Something was going on involving the mommy, we hypothesized. We thanked the souls for communicating. “You thanked them!” said a juvenile voice. It seemed he was surprised. This was a child. We then contacted another person, a former miner, perhaps. Matt spoke about the Number 19 mine and the explosion. The K2s went wild! We asked a name. “Tom.” We told him the mine was now closed. “Oh, good.” It was a male voice. “It’s sealed now.” “Say again,” he asked. We told him, “They stopped the rescue efforts.” He answered, “I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that.” We believe we were talking to a miner from the old days, one who perished in the explosion. He and the others were trapped below! The ovilus repeated the words “Store” and “tree.”

Eventually, we went into the master bedroom. “Do you mean harm to her?” we asked. “I mean harm to – ,” the juvenile voice replied. Another EVP was “I just like to listen.” A puzzling EVP was, “I just want to tell you you’re as good as us.” This sounded like multiple voices doing a choral reading! When we asked about causing Dianna pain, the responses were, “Please sleep. Be sleeping. Be sleeping. . . .they can’t sleep.” Again, this sounded like a choral reading! When we asked about this, we were told Dianna has trouble sleeping! We went to the closet, since Matt said he finds the closet spooky. The juvenile voice told me, “I wanna be home.” “Who hid in the closet,” we asked him. “Just my buddy,” he responded. We have a picture of energy, negative in the closet, but blue on my shoulder. I felt my hand being squeezed. Our medium told us later that the boy had taken a liking to me. I think it was after I asked him to get his picture taken! Before that, he told me, “I don’t like you. I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone.” After the photo, I asked if he liked the picture. “Yes.” When he told me, “I’m not different,” my theory that he was a special need child solidified. Dianna was a special needs teacher, and a mom. He exhaled in my ear. He had been doing that to Greg all evening. “Are you huffing? I asked. “Delightful.” Was his retort. “Why do you do that,” I asked. His answer was, “I’m really not certain.” We were definitely dealing with a special needs boy!

We then went into the other bedroom, the one their nephew used. I didn’t get too much there. I asked if anyone knew the Bible. Several questions later, I had the reply, “I haven’t read the Bible.” I asked this because Matt and Dianna are very Christian and know the Bible well. Another EVP was, “We’re pumpin’!” This may be a reference to the miners who were in charge of ventilating the mines. Since there didn’t seem to be much activity there, I soon left. This was somewhat surprising, since both Matt and Dianna had seen shadows in the doorway!

The kitchen was the next stop. This is where the coffee pot flew off the counter onto the floor. We used the flashlight successfully. In answer to “Will you turn off the light,” the ovilus said “flash.” The light did go on and off as requested. One of the energies told us he was a Sergeant who had served in Viet Nam. He was a smoker like Matt. I invited whoever was there to come get a picture, and we got two photos of green orbs. In the living room, Dianna conversed with another soul who made the K2 meters flash to red continuously! EVPs include the boy telling us, “I’m scared of going to my mommy! You can’t help me now.” In answer to my question, “are you Christian?” he said, “That’s me.” I meant the religion, but our medium told us later his name was Chris! His mother had killed him, by accident or on purpose. That would be a reason for his strong feelings against her! Further, both the ovilus and an EVP gave us the nickname of the homeowner. “Are you related?” we queried. His response was, “Not now.” Does that mean they were related in another life? It does give us thought!

There was a female voice, too, on occasion, who said rude things. Therefore, we found her, the boy, the miner, and the soldier. Our medium told us she had crossed over all of them. The boy had a special affection for Dianna, and responded to her irritation by scratching. He had an affection for me, too, as his aunt was named MaryJo, and I asked for his picture. We will keep in touch with both Matt and Dianna to ensure they feel secure in their home.