Private Residence Investigation – Melita’s Home – 05/2013

Melita’s House
Kissimmee, FL
May 2013

Melita moved into her home and immediately realized something else was there, she told us. A shadow in the hallway by her room, footsteps, voices imitating family members, vertical blinds moving when there is no air, a sense of being watched, “hellos” spoken by a person unseen, and a cup moving by itself are all consistent events experienced by the members of the household. The main target seems to be Anita, who is 12. OPI arrived at the home to meet everybody and get a feel for the place. We knocked, and when she asked who was there, Greg said, “OPI.” Melita flung open the door with a started look, causing us to be startled. “Oh! I thought you said FBI!” she cried. We all laughed! So was our introduction to the family! Melita lives there with her daughters Carmen and Anita, Carmen’s fiance Jarod, and family friend Paul. They told us that many years ago, the area was a KKK camp, and that about a mile down the road was a Satanic cult.

Initial sweeps showed nothing unusual until I got to the corner of the living room. The meter spiked to 1.5 as I stood there. This is the corner; they said were a little girl likes to be. There is something in the master bedroom, too. We began the investigation in the master, where the paper cup rolls to answer questions. A previous investigation showed a shadow coming down to the desk the cup sits on, and then disappearing. We set up 2 flashlights, one off and one on, and asked whoever was there to either turn one on or one off. The on flashlight turned off. We determined that the ghost was a man in his 30. He had been in the building only during this century. He told us he was a baseball coach and teacher who was visiting Florida from the north. He refused to discuss his death. He told us he had to tell somebody something. I asked if he had a message to deliver, he could speak into the camera, giving his full name, the person he wanted to communicate with and the message. We would try to deliver it. “When you’re finished, turn the light back on so we’ll know.” The light came on, and we were all elated. However, playing the clip back, we could hear no words from him at all! Later, when I asked whoever rolls the cup to move it, our EVP revealed, “Why don’t you do it?” Early in the session a child’s voice said, “Mama.” During much of the session, in evidence review, a child’s voice can be heard humming and singing, “Can you see me?”

In Anita’s room, an EVP session yielded the name of the friend, in a male voice. When asked, “do you want him to leave?” a male voice answered, “I do.” A child’s voice said, “I’m Jillian.” Again we tried to communicate with the flashlight. “Turn the light on.” Using the spirit box, too, a voice replied, “Oh no.” “Why not?” we asked. “Alright,” the voice conceded and the light went on. It communicated with the light no further. Also, a male voice twice said, “I love you.” In a separate session, in Anita’s room, we picked up a voice saying, “They’re here! It’s not good.” In Anita’s room, we took a picture that showed a shadow descending from the ceiling with orbs in it. In other photos, a dark shape was reflected in the mirror.

In the downstairs hall, an EVP has a chorus of high pitched voices sing songing, “We’re all together in here.” This is completely unexplained! When asked if someone was a Satanist, a male voice replied, “I was.” We began to question about a possible crime committed there, a man’s voice said, “I did. Killed a mother.” A juvenile voice inserted, “My mom.” “I’m free,” said the male voice. The juvenile voice said, “Daddy.” Was this a killer confessing to killing his child’s mother? It’s a possibility. We also hear a voice say, Opie.” Was this a reference to us?

In our final EVP session, I posed, “Are there any gangsters here?” The response we have was, “Don’t say anything!” I also asked, since this was a Klan camp, “Do you like blacks? “Oh, no,” was the answer. I further asked about other groups not favored by the KKK, but had no other responses.

After we left, the family said the REM pod often went off during the remainder of the night. It was dead in the morning.

We will continue to monitor this situation. That Anita is not feeling safe in her room is a concern of ours. Home should be a haven, and your room especially should be. Her age is also a concern. We will be checking back and consulting with our medium.