Private Residence Investigation – Michael’s House – Winter Haven, FL – 11/2014

Michaels’ House
Winter Haven, FL
Nov. 2014

When Michael spoke with us, he had a list of paranormal symptoms. His carpet moved, he had been nudged, he saw a white haze, and he and his family heard sounds. Michael’s brother had lived in the house before he died and told the family he heard and saw things. A very interesting aspect was that the house stood on an old junkyard, with many vehicles from years past. They didn’t use it anymore, but we wondered if there might be some attachments.

Greg, Terri, our psychic, and MaryJo went to the house. We all felt an energy. Michaels’ sister, daughter, niece, and nephew were all there. While Terri spoke with them, Greg and I checked the baseline meter readings. There was nothing unusual. However, we did sense a negative energy in a bedroom. Michael’s daughter, Heather, told us that for a short while, she and her daughter stayed in that room. Every morning, she told us, the door was closed, despite her propping it open and every night her daughter had nightmares. During our EVP session in there, we did hear a voice through the spirit box tell us, “no peace,” and “get out.”

On the drive there, Terri talked about a man, an explosion, and the man being wrapped up in something. The family told us that the brother was in an explosion. And a police officer wrapped him in his coat to help him. Terri determined that the brother was at the home. She remained in the bedroom, where most of the activity took place, talking with the family.

In the living room, while I was using the SB11, a voice asked, “What’s up with that thing?” Heather came in to sit, so I asked, “Do you know Heather?” “Hello, Heather,” came the reply. A child’s voice told us, “My mother’s dead.” Perhaps Heather was seen as a mother figure? Dawn, our medium, had seen a little girl there. She said she was 8.

Continuing our investigation in the kitchen, we asked the child, “How old are you?” The answer was, “8.” A male voice informed us, “I won’t stay.” Then a voice said, “See, I’m dead,” in a sing song tone. A voice speaking what sounded like Native American words came through the SB11, too.

The K2 meter was very active in a back bedroom that as only used for storage. Our Kinect SLS system discovered two figures near the closet area. They appeared to be dancing and jumping. When I asked one to wave, it appeared to do just that.

When we finished the investigation, Terri helped Michael’s brother cross to the other side. He wanted the family to know he loved them. The young men in the storage room left, too. We saged the home. The client reported a much more peaceful feeling in the home.