Private Residence Investigation – Missy & Ted’s Home – 05/2013

Missy and Ted
St. Petersburg, FL
May 2013

“I’ve seen a shadow figure in the hallway for 8 years, out of the corner of my e ye!” Missy told us in the initial phone call. She continued, “My computer turns on in the middle of the night, Once my music box turned on without the key being pulled.” I think it’s there to protect me, but I don’t know.” She told us that the figure is seen between the doorways of her children’s’ room. Her husband, Ted, has seen it recently, too. Missy has seen a full figure apparition over the last several months.

Once OPI arrived, we began our initial sweeps. Everything seemed to be normal until I swept the top of Missy’s dresser and the jewelry box on top! The Mel meter spiked to 1.5! When I approached the bathroom, it went up to 5.5 and then dropped. I asked her if she had anything electronic in the jewel box. We took out everything, and it was simply costume jewelry and a black plastic button. The button was the source of the energy! The K2 went up to red! At first she couldn’t remember where the button had come from, but after some time, Missy remembered it had come from a black button down blouse, a favorite of hers. Neither meter was affected by the blouse. Greg used the FLIR to photograph the button, and it was giving off heat! The blouse was not. Whatever was attached to the button, we probably won’t ever know, but it was an odd event! Perhaps a seamstress or an ancestor?

We employed the spirit box and ovilus in EVP sessions as well as the recorder and video camera. “Hey, who’s that, Aaron (Erin)?” said a male voice early in the first session. We also hear “bite me” three times in that session. Two were female and one was male. Is this an indication of animosity or an attempt at a joke? A woman mentioned, “my birthday” and Missy’s mom told us her mother’s birthday was upcoming. We asked, “Why do you turn on the computer?” “I’m playin’,” was the response, in a male voice. I asked about the breathing in to Missy’s ear, which had startled her. “I want to,” he answered. We also heard “Help me.”

In the master bedroom, we asked someone to turn on the flashlight. “I won’t! No way, no way!” was the male retort. Then we heard a man say, “I’m Dominic Waverly.” Another voice said, “Thank you for being here.”

In the boys’ bedroom, we felt a presence. Missy and Ted told us their young son talks to someone at night while in bed. So we asked, “Who’s in here?” The reply was an evasive, “We’re people!” Later we asked, “Do you talk to the boy?” The answer repeated was “We’re people.”

We captured a FLIR image of a spirit in the hall going in to one of the bedrooms, It appears to be a woman!

We had set up our Raggedy Ann in the hallway, and her lights were going off almost constantly. Somebody was enjoying her! Our EVP had the words “sparkly” and “fairy doll.” A child’s voice said “mama.” When I asked, “Do you know Allie (the daughter)? A voice responded, “She’s my sister.”

“You know they can’t see you!” said a female voice . We heard it later as we listed to our recordings. That sounds like a very intelligent and savvy ghost. She seemed to realize our limitations.

Missy’s son had drawn a picture of a scarecrow. She and Ted think it’s the ghost he sees. When I asked about it, a female voice said, “Damn it!” while a male voice proclaimed, “Ultimate!” A difference of opinion on the subject! We discussed the boys. A male spirit said, “I tell him, Hey, what ya doin’?” I t seems they antagonize each other, as brother sometimes do. “Are you attached to the little boy?” we asked. “No way!” was the response we heard.

We heard the name Stan, and a voice told us, “I’m her brother.” When asked, “How long have you been here?” the jocular answers were, “All day.” And “All week.”

We did hear many EVP’s in several voices, and there was quite a bit of intelligent orb activity. We are certain that more than one ghost is in the house, including children. The video shows evidence.

Or medium, Dawn, visited the home through astral projection. She found several children there, along with a man who had been with Missy since she was a toddler. He’s no relation to her, but became attached to the little child she was. She got the name “Victor.” Also there were two women. In one room, we heard a low, menacing voice say, “Suck me.” When Dawn visited, she found no threat to anyone. Perhaps that one was just passing by. After another investigation, at Missy’s request, Dawn will help the ghosts to cross over and find peace.