Private Residence Investigation – Missy & Ted’s House – 2nd Visit – St. Petersburg, FL – 06/2013

Missy and Ted
2nd Visit
St. Petersburg, FL
June 2013

We had been there once before, and they were content to live with the ghosts, but now Missy’s daughter was feeling uncomfortable. Amy felt that she was being watched. Back to St. Pete! This time we brought Dawn! She told us that 3 young men were there. Shane and Shawn, twins, and Jake had attached to Amy. Pappy was still there, attached to Missy.

We were met by Missy, her friend Chris, Amy, Missy’s son Jack, his girlfriend Stella, and Missy’s ex, Jim. We were glad that they were able to maintain the integrity of the investigation! Amy proved to be a natural.

We started out by doing the meter sweep. Once again, Missy’s dresser caused spikes. It wasn’t the button, but something there made the meter go up! This is certainly something that makes us wonder! Everything else was normal.

We started in Amy’s room. I used the flashlight first. Amy was scared to begin. A flashlight that turns off by itself was something that really tested her. Her father told her he was taking her home. She resisted and found her hidden talent. I gave her the K2 meter and light and a quick lesson. She took to it, and spent much time doing sessions. My session yielded some interesting EVPs!

“I want to talk with Shawn.”
“I’m here.”
“ Could I have your name?”
“Is Shane here?”
“We’re both here.”
“Do you have anything to tell Amy?”
“I love you.”

Then I got one of my entourage names, Julie.
I used the laser light. A Niki Minage poster is on the wall. I put the light on it. “Thank you,” was an EVP. “I just saw laser.”

As dawn was telling us how Shawn and Shane died, we heard our EVP say, “Shame, Shane!” They were either suicides or Russian roulette victims.