Private Residence Investigation – Pamela’s House – Port St. Lucie, FL – 01/2014

Pamela’s House
Port St. Lucie, FL
Jan. 2014

Pamela’s daughter was experiencing scratches in the shower, they both saw shadows out of the corner of their eye, they felt as if they were being watched, and a glass of wine lifted off the table and poured itself into Pamela’s purse. These happenings spanned about 6 months.

When OPI arrived at the house, we took our baseline readings, which were very high, especially in the daughters, Ellie’s room, and the son’s, Karl’. Our medium, Dawn, encountered four spirits there, who were all related. Alexis was the mother of 2 year old Winston. Her nephews were Will and Louis. They had been in two separate vehicles, but died in the same car crash, she told us. She believed they were there to warn Ellie and Karl about the dangers of careless driving. Initially, the souls seemed to be angry. We were there, and they told me to shut up. Later, they seemed to soften and were willing to go to the light. Ellie had a pet cat when she was younger. Dawn believed the cat was scratching her, because Ellie hadn’t really let go. The litter box was kept in the bathroom then, so the cat may have been accustomed to being in there.

While Greg and Dawn walked outside and took photos and connected with the souls out there, I did EVP sessions in the house. I began in Ellie’s room. I was using the spirit box and the flashlight. I said I wanted to talk with Alexis, Will, Louis, or Winston. “Hello,” said a voice. “I’m here.” A little later, a voice asked, “What’s up?” “Will you communicate with me?” I asked. “We’re talking,” was the retort. Using the flashlight as a communication tool, I asked if there was something Ellie could do. The lite went off, as a “yes.” Unfortunately, we couldn’t discover what action she could actually take.

The second session was in Karl’s room. Through the spirit box, I heard the words, “I’m sorry.” According to Dawn, Will had been driving Louis and hadn’t made him put his seatbelt on. When I asked him if he liked Ellie’s brother, he told me, “No . . . boredom . . . total.” I queried, “Do you have something to tell him?” “Yeah, you’ll break up!” Karl has a habit of being careless while driving and has had several accidents. There is the sound of a woman crying in the room, as well. We think it might be Alexis, who lost her life and her young son. One of the spirits, maybe Will, wanted me to tell Ellie’s friend that she was pretty. I asked Will about the types of music he liked, in order to establish a rapport. Someone answered, “The Beatles. ”I was surprised by this, “They’re bad!” he responded. A voice requested, “Save us!” I explained that we were here to help, and that we were going to help them cross soon, with Dawn, if they were ready to go. I told them, “You can talk to the camera, too.” A voice responded, “The camera, I know!” The interactions were intelligent and appropriate. I could hear Pamela and Dawn talking in the other room, so I asked, “Do you like to listen in?” “Oh, no! I want out of here!” a voice told me.

I tried a session in the garage. I told Will, “I’d love to hear your voice. “Come over!” he replied. Later, I commented that he was probably a handsome young man. “Perhaps,” was his demure answer.

Finally, I went out side. I asked if anyone wanted to talk to me. “We did!” was the response. With Dawn’s help, were were able to capture several pictures showing what we judge to be the four souls sharing the space with the family: Alexis, Winston, Will and Louis.

We decided it was time to see if they were ready to go. They were willing, so we helped Dawn send them on their way to the other side. The homeowners report that the house feels lighter.