Private Residence Investigation – Rachel’s House – Sarasota, FL – 09/2014

Rachel’s house
Sarasota, FL
Sept. 2014

Rachel and her family were certain they had spirit activity. Rachel was frightened of whatever was in her room. She thought it was male. We asked Dawn to make an astral visit to see who might be there, and then Terri, Greg, and I paid an actual visit.

Baseline readings and photos showed nothing unusual. Terri, however, sensed a presence in Rachel’s bedroom. He was negative, but we discovered that he had a deep affection for her. They both shared a similar drug-related past. As he spoke with Terri, he became less negative, and was almost ready to go, but Rachel held him back. Now that she was no longer afraid, and realized why he was there, she wanted him to stay. EVPs at first told us, “Get out!” and “Bitch!” Eventually, he told us, “I love her.” He asked for help. He told us the former boyfriend was, “A big asshole!”

He wasn’t the only spirit there. Her uncle was there, watching over the family. Terri had spoken of two dads. The uncle was the other dad, always there for the family. He spoke to Rachel’s mom, reminding her of the time he saw in the woods and she needed help. He used the K2 meter to answer questions, and spoke through the spirit box. “I love you,” he told them. “You look beautiful, ‘he told Rachel’s mom. The love between all of them was a very positive feeling!

In the music room, Terri spoke to a spirit named Ellen or Helen. She had been a music teacher, long ago. She like to listen to Rachel play the piano and enjoyed “the young people,’ as she called them. The family told us that on rare occasions they would hear the piano begin to play. She asked, “Can they see me?” They can’t!

I asked if any of the spirits Dawn had found would like to speak with us. Two gentlemen did, Philip and Russell. When I spoke their names, EVPs through the spirit box answered, “Who’s calling me?” and “What?” Since Dawn thought they were from the 1930s or ‘40s, I asked if they watched James Cagney movies. “Opera!” was the answer. One of them didn’t like the man who was rooming with the family.

The family was relieved to know there is nothing harmful in the house. Rachel’s spirit friend will leave when she can get along without him. The other spirits are doing nothing negative, and the family is content to allow them to stay for now. They report the house is peaceful.