Private Residence Investigation – Raelon’s House – Part 1- Shreveport, LA – 11/2014

Raelon’s House
Part 1
Shreveport, LA
Nov. 2014

When we first spoke with Raelon, she told us that things were being thrown across the rooms: pennies, glass beads, bits of gravel, and even a small wooden duck. It had suddenly started about 2 months previously, and she had no idea what was happening. She lived in a very old neighborhood in Shreveport with her husband, Rob. Her brother had been living with them, but had just moved because of the activity. We asked her to gather the thrown items and put them in a bag. The family had called the police, she told us, but they left without making a report after they were pelted with gravel, pennies, and stones. She told us she had no idea why this had started. Her neighbors and family had begun to visit and express disbelief. When one of them did, the items began to be hurled even more.

Dawn had found spirits there, but this seemed to be activity that these spirits wouldn’t usually do. It seemed more of a poltergeist activity. A poltergeist is the manifestation of uncontrolled emotions. It’s common in homes of adolescents, especially girls, but can be present where anyone has emotions caused by a highly stressful situation, prolonged that they are unable or unwilling to deal with.

Greg and I walked in the door and were welcomed by glass beads and gravel thrown at our heads. We began the investigation immediately by taking baseline meter readings, which were normal. Our first EVP session was in the living room. We used the SB11, a spirit box. A young person’s voice asked, “What’d they do to me?” When Raelon told us about the police, a voice contradicted, “No, that ain’t true!” It seemed several voices were coming through the SB11, so I asked if they would speak only one at a time, “You callin’ me stupid?” was the response we heard. We did hear the names Eva and Lizzie. We heard many comments, but not all of them were relevant. When I asked, “Can you drop something now?” a glass bead flew by me. When we asked, “can you drop something in the middles of the floor,” another item fell behind me. When I commented, “You can see us, but we can’t see you,” a voice retorted, “Yeah, can’t do anything about it!” The spirits seemed to be feeling hostile. Using the flashlight, we asked if the intention was to frighten the family. The light going off indicated a “yes” response; as did the response to the question. “Do you dislike them?” We asked if there was one particular person. “The old one,” was the reply. Rob, Raelon’s husband, is the old one of the group. “The old one,” the voice repeated. “Are you trying to scare us?” we queried. “Hard, ‘a voice answered. A further sign of hostility was when we asked the entities to use the REM pod. “F*** it! You want us to use it?” a voice demanded. Several intelligent interactions followed, and some that weren’t relevant. We did capture several photos of energies in the living room. We watched carefully, but saw no one in the group throwing anything, or even moving. We think we made communication with the spirits Dawn had mentioned, but we aren’t sure who said what.

We did get more specific information in the bedroom. I played a hymn, and asked, “Do you like this?” A penny dropped into the room. Using the sB11, I declared, “This is your chance to talk.” “Hi,” said a feminine voice. I asked if Rebecca, one of those found by Dawn, was here. “Rebecca who?” a voice asked. I asked for another of the spirits, Mark. “Bitch, get out! This is Mark —-,” was the reply. It sounded like he gave a last name, Swanson, but we can’t be 100% sure. A juvenile voice asked, “Are we sayin’ to the video?” That tells us that some spirit is watching us and knows what we are doing. I asked about the children that might still be there. “We’re sorry,” was the response. There was a picture of a dark energy near the closet. When we asked who was in there, the answer was, “All for me and Sara,” in a juvenile voice. Maybe it was Jordan. When we asked, “Can you turn of the light?” “That what you want?” came through the spirit box as the light went off. I believe it was Mark who was the leader. Sara and Jordan answered to their names, but said very little else.

Finally we went into the dining room. I asked if things were thrown in here, too. Immediately, a bit of gravel flew by. Then there seemed to be a conversation between spirits of something traumatic going one.
“I love you.
“I love you, too.”
“Who you been f***in with?”
“She’s not your love, what you gonna do?”
“It’s alright if you touch me.”
It continued on it that way, until a woman’s voice called out in an anguished way, “She didn’t do it!”

This was the first time we have encountered this type of energy. We did research on this type of activity. One theory is that souls are trying to cross the river Styx and go to the afterlife. Tossing a penny, or bit of copper, is the ferry fee. Another is that one of the people in the house is unconsciously manifesting the energy. Our medium, Terri, saw a cowboy caught in a twister. He is showing, she says, what was happening to him at the time. She saw a livery, and the horses were there.

During the antebellum period, there were about 3 times as many slaves as non-slaves in the parish. One EVP was, “I’m a Negro.” That gives us a time frame as to when the spirit lived. It would likely have been prior to the 1970s, since that term was no longer used by then. Another EVP was, “It’s a cotton field.” That might have been what the neighborhood was at one time.

We will be returning to Raelon’s house with our Psychic, Terri, to further investigate and solve this mystery.