Private Residence Investigation – Ramona’s House – Newark, OH – 03/2014

Ramona’s House
Newark, OH
March 2014

Ramona’s had lived in her home since she was 6! When her parents moved, she bought the house from them, married, and then divorced and still lives in the home. Since she was very young, she has seen a woman in white, intermittently. She wondered who the woman was. Her ex-husband often spent time in the family room in the basement, but seemed uneasy. Ramona was very curious. She never felt afraid. She saw or felt the presence in the bedroom which had once been her parents and was now hers, or in the family room. She told us that a previous owner had committed suicide,, but not in the house. Very occasionally, music has been heard in the family room, although nothing was turned on by the family. Ramona thought the woman’s name was Martha, because a grave near the house bore that name. Greg and I brought trainees Dorothy, Barb and Bernie.

We took meter readings which seemed normal, except near the pool table in the basement. Nothing else was out of the ordinary. We began in the basement family room, which housed a pool table, bar, entertainment center and seating area. We set a flashlight on a table and it began to flash, indicating a presence. We also used a spirit box to communicate. We asked if the woman in white was here. “No way,” or “No man,” a male sounding voice told us. We asked if she was unhappy. “Heck, no!” the male voice said. We asked if he would turn off the flashlight. “No,!” we were told. This was a voice not from the spirit box, which we heard later. We asked the woman for an important year from her life. “No energy,” a female voice replied. Dorothy asked if we were speaking to the beautiful lady in white. “Thanks you,” was the answer. We asked if the spirits were related in some way to Ramona. We had a negative answer. I felt a very negative presence, an unhappiness. I stated, “I know you are very unhappy!” “And you’re right,” a male voice responded. We continued questioning for a while in the family room, but didn’t get any more responses. Greg did capture some photos of energies, both positive and negative. We determined that there were at least 2, and probably 3, spirits there. One was male, and there were most likely 2 females.

We then went upstairs into Ramona’s room. When we asked to speak to Martha, we heard later on the EVPs. “Ginger.” We also hear a laugh later on the EVPs. When we spoke to Ramona late, she told us she had heard a laugh while she was in the shower later that week. Greg was able to take some pictures. An EVP asks, “Whose picture is that?” There were 2 or 3 with Bernie, so I asked, “Does Bernie remind you of someone?” “Yes,” was the answer we heard later. Another EVP was; They don’t see,” This seemed to show that they realized we couldn’t see them!

In a spare bedroom, we caught the names Rebecca and Jeffrey. We also used the K2 meter to communicate. We learned that at least one of the spirits knew Ramona’s parents, and her ex, and liked talking to us. When we asked if the bright energy was the lady in white, the EVP revealed later, “Heck, no!” “Are you Martha?” we asked, “Heck, no!” Are you the lady in white,” we asked again. “Yes,” was the answer. We didn’t get anything significant in any of the other rooms.

We asked Dawn, our medium to check on the house. She confirmed 3 spirits. Two are females: Ginger is 28 and was killed in a car accident and Tammy is 20 and OD’ed. We believe Ginger in “The lady in White.” A male is there, too. His name is Bernie. He OD’ed at 18. We think he is the negative energy. Ginger is the one, we think, who has been there all these years. Ramona’s ex had an alcohol problem, and the two younger spirits may have been drawn to him. He was so uncomfortable in the family room, he may have sensed them, or even experienced them.

Ramona is not unhappy they are there. We told here to tell them when they are ready to go, tap her on the shoulder. We’ll let Dawn know it’s time to cross them over.