Private Residence Investigation – Ceile’s House – Rutherfordton, NC – 07/2013

Ceile’s House
Rutherfordton, NC
July, 2013

Ceile had been telling family and friends for many years that there was something in her house. It wasn’t harmful, but she knew something was there. She wanted OPI to validate her. She’s right, she has ghosts!

Situated on top of a hill, with a lake below, and an old slave cemetery on the property, she has a lovely home. She and her husband bought it from the builder, so only two families have lived in the house. The property is part of an old plantation, and before that the Cherokee lived there. She lives next door to Kathy and Robin, whose home we investigated. Kathy was with us in our investigation.

Ceile told us that the man who built the house was anti-social and had very few friends. He lived in the home for several years. When Ceile and her husband purchased the property, they enlarged the house. Ceile told us she saw shadows from the corner of her eye, and heard sounds. She was also touched lightly on her arm.

Finding nothing unusual in our baseline meter sweep, we began the investigation in Ceile’s room. We heard a male and female voice there. The female told us to “Get out!” and the man said, “F***!” It wasn’t the most cordial beginning. We used the flashlight method to communicate, and asked if there were any gentlemen present. The light went out!

Our next stop was the spare bedroom. Kathys’ niece had spent a night there and heard voices. Again, we heard both a man’s voice and a woman’s. A woman’s voice said the name, ”Jenna.” We asked for a name, and our response was, “Never. Never.” We asked if any of the slaves were present. “A bad one,” responded a male voice. “Do you like the property?” we asked. “I do, there are different crops,” he answered. “Walter” was a name we heard. There was also a “help me.” I bumped the tripod, and a voice came over the spirit box, saying, “Hit.” When we asked if there were any kids, we got the response, “We didn’t have any little ones.” The previous homeowners were childless! We were admonished to “be quiet.” We picked up the name “Kate.” “Someone to like me,” was an answer to our question, “What do you want?” The previous homeowner had few friends! As we ended the EVP session, a voice said “tattoo.” This could either be a reference to my tattoo, or meaning the military evening call, since we were ending.

Kathy thought we would find activity in the basement. We asked if anyone could knock in response to our knocking. We did get one! Then a voice told us “Stop this!” “Did you knock?” we asked. “No, I didn’t,” was our reply. There was more than one energy there. A child’s voice told us, “My mom’s coming here.” We asked if Mr. Crouche was there. He was the first owner. “Me”, said a male voice. Someone else may have been there too, as we heard the full sentence, “I killed a little girl!” There have been many presences on the property through the centuries. We don’t know if any murders were committed there. Then Kathy was touched, and a male voice said, “Big woman”. There’s some big womans here!” Kathy is very slim, so it was funny to us. In the sitting room in the basement, we asked, “Did you know her in another life?” “I’m really her sister,” we were told. When we asked for a year that was important to whoever were was speaking to, the retort was, “1942.”

In the kitchen, we didn’t have too much activity, although we did get three good EVPs: “I love you!” “Get out!” and “Get out!”

In the family room, when we asked to talk, a voice came clearly through asking us, “What do you want to know?” It was in this room that we caught an orb shooting across the corner of the screen! We also heard the word “Washee.” It meant nothing to us, but when I told Ceile, she gasped and told me, “He’s my Indian guide!” The reply to “Are you touching her?” was, “Never!” As we continued to talk, we heard Greg’s name and Kathy’s mule’s name, Abby. We believe that at least one of the entities travels between the two houses. Someone told us “Look around!”, although we didn’t see anything. Ceile was somewhat concerned about her house being not clean enough. The ovilus said, “Spotless!” , there was very little dust in the air, and the house was clean and organized.

Based on our investigation, we believe the house has Mr. and Mrs. Crouche, Ceile’s late husband Fred, her son, and of the plantation slaves. Ceile was delighted to have proof that she is indeed, living with spirit energy! She is happy to share the space with them. We’ll keep in touch with her.