Private Residence Investigation – Steve & Laura’s House – Port St. Lucie, FL – 11/2013

Steve and Laura’s House
Port St. Lucie, FL
Nov. 2013

“I’ve communicated with them all my life, but I can’t communicate with these!” Steve told us. The paranormal activity wasn’t threatening or frightening, but it was bothering he and his wife. He didn’t know what they wanted, and it was troublesome. A seashell came off the shelf and landed on the side of the aquarium, instead of in front, which would have been the normal range if it had only fallen. His wife heard her name called. A picture was placed on the floor. Our medium, Dawn, placed four souls there: a little boy, his mother, a woman, and a man. The man, Dave, stayed outside most of the time. He had committed suicide in his 20s and felt unwelcome in the house because of that. The little boy was Joey, his mom was Chloe, and the other woman was Margaret. Both women had died in a car accident, according to Dawn. Joey, she told us, had died of cancer.

Our baseline meter readings were relatively normal, although in the hallway, there were small spikes. Our trainee, Justin, was there to assist. So was Dawn, our medium. She thought there was a woman in the bedroom, on the pillow. Interestingly, there was a small indentation there. We thought it might have been made by one of the homeowners, but later, Steve asked me if someone had been lying on the bed. He wondered who mussed the pillow! Dawn told us Margaret was there, and she worked for a radio station. “Do you?” we asked. Through the spirit box, we got the answer, “I do.” “We’re sorry about your accident.” We told Margaret. She replied, “OK. Get help – Patsy.” She told us she liked the room. She asked for help. “Is there anything you want to tell Steve and Laura?” “I’m going,” she responded. As we continued, a woman’s voice implored, “Ya gotta help me now!” We used a flashlight to ask yes/no questions, and were told several things: that she was looking for her girlfriend, didn’t know where her girlfriend might be, was sad, and had worked as a receptionist in Florida. We all smelled a flowery scent. We thought it might be gardenias, She affirmed this, as it was her favorite perfume.

In the living room, we believe we made contact with Joey, who was four. Through our flashlight conversations, he told us he liked to go fishing, Spiderman movies, motorcycles, and going outside. Through the spirit box, he said, “I like you.” He answered “Blue,” to the question, “What’s your favorite color?” We sked, “What’s your favorite food?” “Hot dogs,” he replied. We told him we’d come to help. ‘I know,” he told us. “We want to help mommy, too,” we informed him. His answer was, “Good!”

We were able to capture many pictures showing energies. Outside there was a dark energy, who we think was Dave. During my talk with Joey, the Mel meter showed an 8,8 reading.

Dawn asked them if they were ready to cross over to the light, and they were. The homeowners report that they aren’t troubled by things moving, or hearing their name called. They believe they are alone again.