Private Residence Investigation – Tabitha’s House – Sept. 2013

Tabitha’s House
Staunton, VA
Sept. 2013

We spoke to Tabitha about coming for an investigation because her 8 year old daughter was talking to “a lady” who wasn’t seen and doing things the lady told her to do, things like talking back, hitting her sister, and throwing food on the floor. Tabitha heard her 4 year old toddler bed creaking during the day when only she was at home; pots and pans were moved around; the cell phone was being moved; water was turned on in the bathroom; he 4 year old daughter woke every morning hearing someone call her name, and she herself felt she was being watched. A few minutes after we spoke, Tabitha called back in tears! She told me she walked into the house and something had knocked her groceries and drink onto the floor! During our next several conversations, I would call, but no one answered. Tabitha would then call back and tell me that the phone didn’t ring! I gave her another number, and that seemed to help communications. It would seem that someone didn’t like us talking. Tabitha was quite distraught. Her daughter was seeing a counselor for her behavior, including hearing the lady.

We asked Dawn what energies were in the home. She told us 4 boys were there, all neglected or abused, and all with “mommy issues.” One of the boys was a special needs child, just like Tabitha’s’ 8 year old daughter. This was “the lady” who was talking to her. All four boys had died very young as a result of the abuse and neglect. We made arrangements to visit as soon as possible. I spoke to Tabitha several times over the next two weeks, including talking to her daughter, and telling her that the boys had had very unhappy lives. They were resentful that the two girls had a happy family who filled their needs and loved them. Once Morgan understood it was children who were in her house, and why they were behaving this way, she was less afraid. The boys’ names were Ethan, Ben, Noah, and Mason.

Once we arrived at the house, we began taking meter readings. They were unusually high in Marley’s room, especially in her closet. There was a sense of being watched. We said hello to the boys, and told them we wanted to hear their story. But, we told them, you aren’t allowed to do mean things to this family. We began our EVP sessions in Maries’ room. It was clear from the start that we were dealing with children, from the voices and the behavior. “I’m cold!” complained a voice sounding like a child. “I’m here! Find me!” said another child’s voice. “We know you are her,” we told them. “You’re wrong,” we were told! “What do you think about Marley?” we questioned. “I don’t think about her!” was the answer. “What do you think about Morgan?” “I don’t!” a voice told us. We think this voice belonged to Mason, the special needs boy who seemed to be the leader of the little group. It did sound much like a woman’s voice. “Why do you like the little bed? Is it because it’s blue?” The response was a vehement “No!” It may be that they liked the cozy little bed. We later learned from Dawn that Mason’s favorite color was pink. He then announced to Greg, “I don’t like you! I hate you! You don’t like children!” When I told them, I believed there were four of them, a sing son voice told us, “We’re hearing five!”

We moved on to Morgan’s room. “What’s your name?” we asked. “I know your name!” was the retort. Then, “MaryJo-o-o.” When we asked if they liked to watch TV we got a “shut up.” There were many of those! “Did you like school?” “No good,” was the response. “Was there anything about school you liked?” “No,” was the definitive answer. I commented on the puppy poster on the wall. “We’re bunnies, you know,” replied a child’s voice. Then there was a laugh! They told us to get out and get away. When I asked, “Why do you tell her to do those things?” the answer was, “Marley hit me!” These responses were so juvenile, that if I hadn’t been aware of whom I was dealing with, I would know these were children! Mason had quite a mouth on him, and told us many times, “F*** you!” When I looked at the MEL meter because I saw a rise in the EMF, a voice inquired, “Hey! What’s that?” When I asked who the boss was, I seemed to have started a conversation between two of the boys. “He is. He’s the boss.” Then, “Sorry I had to!” replied one, as though speaking to another person. I commented sympathetically, “You must have been very unhappy!” “Big whoop!” was my answer. Another EVP was, “Come here to watch you! “Trying to make conversation, I asked, “Did you like Cherry Coke?” “Don’t like Cherry Coke,” was the response.

Tabitha wanted to involve the girls, who had been at a neighbor’s house, so we brought them over for a while. She thought their involvement would lessen their fear. We normally don’t have children in the investigation, but thought this might be an exception. The K2 and MEL meter both had reactions with them in the room. The K2 went to red on several occasions and the MEL meter EMF indicator rose. We explained what we were doing and why they couldn’t see the boys. In the kitchen, we used the flashlight method to glean information. We learned by asking the energies to turn the light on if any of them lived in the country, which was where we were. It went on. We used this method to determine that they knew the girls were there, and were glad of that. We asked a few more questions. We asked if Noah lived in the city. “I did,” was our answer through the spirit box. “Shut up!” we heard. Tabitha said, “That’s rude.” A voice mocked, “It’s rude.” I knocked on the table and asked if anyone could repeat that. “Can’t do that,” said a voice. Later, an EVP commands, “Talk back!” Another is “Hear me going?” and there are three knocks. Then we heard, “Maybe you’re the bad ones.”

We moved into the living room, where the camera went in and out of focus unexplainably. A sing song voice told us, “We’re here, we don’t go heaven.” “Do you have a friend in another apartment?” we asked. “How do you know?” was the surprised retort. We took a picture that showed energy. In reply to “Who had your picture taken?” we had the rather hostile comment, “Do you have to know!” Several other EVPs told us that they were evil; they didn’t like Tabitha, and asked for help. When I concluded the investigation, and said, we’d be leaving; we heard later, “Good!”

Once the family had evidence of the activity, and truly realized we were dealing with very angry and frustrated children, they were ready to let Dawn help them cross. Mason was the last, staying until his group was gone. Tabitha told us the house feels much lighter, and she feels more comfortable. The girls are not afraid, and Morgan doesn’t talk to an unseen presence anymore.