Private Residence Investigation – Taylor’s House – Louisville, KY – 04/2014

Taylor’s House
Louisville, KY
April 2014

When Taylor spoke to us, he told us the activity had been happening for 4 months. He saw the shape of a man, doors opened and closed on their own, his mom saw a shape in her room and they sometimes smelled something burning. He lived with his mom, Deidre, and four younger brothers in an older home. During the interim before we could get there from Florida, the one of the youngest boys developed a stomach infection. Dawn, our medium, had told us that there were 5 spirits in the house. One, Veronica, had died of a stomach infection. Taylor’s mom feared that the spirits had made her son ill. She put the house up for sale. When we arrived, the child was well, but they had moved out. The spirits had told Dawn they had nothing to do with the boys illness. The other spirits included 2 children, Jack, 8; Cathy, 9, of cancer; Mark, 29, stabbed; and Peter, 22 car accident.

The meter readings were completely normal. The rooms were empty. We began the investigation in the master bedroom. We used the spirit box, K2, flashlight, and video camera. Some of the EVPs were, “I’m black,” “I’m dead-with bullets,” “Shut up,” and “I’m bad.” When we asked, “Are you are the one Deidre saw?” we heard later “Me.” We used the K2 to communicate. The name Robert came to mind. “Is there a Robert her?” The K2 flashed. “Do you like music?” The K2 flashed. Do you like 70s music?” It flashed again. I played some 70s songs. The K2 flashed, so the spirit seemed to enjoy it. An EVP told us, “Hear my story.”

The other bedrooms proved interesting, too. In one , a female voice told us, “My room.” My name, MaryJo, was mentioned. “Call the cop,” was and EVP we heard later. When I said I was ending the EVP session, we heard, “End this!” and “Gotta go!” When I said, the flashlight is slight lit, the ovilus spoke the word “slightly.” One of the spirits, we believe, Peter, was very hostile. “F*** you. F*** it,” a male voice told us.

He seemed to follow us to the room with the sunroom. All the spirits seemed to follow us from room to room. We encountered quite a bit of activity during our investigation, but nothing malevolent. The family decided they did not want to return to the home, and put it up for sale. Case closed.