Private Residence Investigation – Terri’s House – Thomasville, NC – 05/2014

Terri’s House
Thomasville, NC
May 2014

Terri claimed to see shadows, have items disappear, and have cold spots. Her dog barked at nothing, she said. We asked her to keep a journal of the activity, as we usually ask our clients. Some of her observations are that there was a light tapping at her bedroom door; her nose was tickled as she was falling asleep; and her TV was unplugged.

Terri lives in a 1930s house in the historic section of Thomasville with her fiancé, daughter, and dog. The Civil War was fought nearby.

Although Terri told us most of the activity was in the living room and her bedroom, we did investigate the entire house, except for her daughter’s room, since she didn’t want us in there. Base meter readings in Terri’s office and dining room were high, but not elsewhere.

We had asked our medium, Dawn, to visit the house and see what souls might be there. She reported 2 Civil War soldiers, William and Franklin; a slave named Bertha; and a little girl, Marianne from this century. We communicated mostly with them.

We began in the master bedroom. Using the flashlight, I asked if Marianne was present, and the light went on. I also employed the spirit box. After a picture, a voice said, “I’m off the picture.” When I asked, conversationally, “What’s your favorite food?” I was told, “Garlic.” I asked, “Are all of you her?” A woman’s voice responded, “Yes’m.” We think it was Bertha. A child-like voice asked, “Help me.” As I ended the spirit box session, the same voice called, “Mommy.”

I took a quick look in the bathroom with the camera running. I was rewarded with a voice asking me, “Why you in here?” I wish I would have heard it with my own ears at the time, because we could have had a conversation!

In the office, the word “bullet” was heard through the spirit box as well as “help me” and the name “Arnie.” When I asked if anyone wanted to get their picture taken, “hide” came through the box. Without the box, we heard later, “M’am, I’m doin’ alright.” We believe this again was Bertha. Another voice spoke, “I don’t know what they’re doin’ here! Alright, MaryJo.” I always introduce myself, so it’s not surprising that one of them knew my name. When I was using the spirit box, I heard “Shut up” so I said, “If you don’t like this, I can turn it off.” The answer was, “No!” I asked for a rank and was told “Colonel.” But we don’t know if Franklin or William was the colonel.

Terri’s fiancé, Andrew, told us he had found a cold spot in the basement and taken a picture showing orbs, so we went down there. A female voice asked, “MaryJo, How old is she?” I believe she was asking about Terri, who in 1860s terms looked way too young to have grown grandchildren. When I asked William if Indians had shot the arrow that killed him, we got the answer, “Shot me.” We were also asked to “Save me” and “Save us.” Greg was able to capture some photos down there, too.

We concluded our investigation in the living room. I was using the spirit box. When I asked, “Are you afraid of something?” the retort was, “No, just you.” Either one was being honest or being a smart aleck. The response was, “Andrew” to the question, “Who are you here for?” Terri asked if any of her loved ones were there. We received three names: Molly, Bob, and Vince. Terri told me her brother’s name was Vince, but didn’t recognize the other two names. They could be ancestors she never knew. Greg took another picture showing several green orbs. “Those are some happy souls,” I commented. “Maybe we are happy here,” responded a voice. Using the flashlight, we determined that another spirit, Doug, was also there, and was a soldier, too. During this conversation, the camera went out of focus, as though something went in front of it.

OPI believes that there is spirit activity in Terri’s home, although it is not negative.