Private Residence Investigation – Tonya & Jim’s Home – 04/2013

Tonya and Jim’s Home
Port St. Lucie, FL
April 2013

Tonya and her daughter, Annie, told OPI they felt as if they were being watched, saw a shadow figure move across the room to the sliding glass doors, doors opened and closed, orbs circled Tonya, the dog barked at something unseen, they smelled cigars, and heard steps on the stairs. This had been occurring for about three months. They wanted to know who was there, and why.

We found abnormally high readings in the downstairs powder room, but normal readings elsewhere. We discovered three spirits in the home. In Annie’s’ room, upstairs, Dawn, our medium, told us there was an 11 year old boy residing in the closet. His name was Zachary, and he loved baseball. He was in the closet because it seemed like a dugout. He felt safe there. Dawn told us that Zachary told her he had been sexually assaulted by someone in authority. He died in a car accident, and was hiding from his tormentor. He told us it was “a man with a hat.” While Dawn and I were speaking with the boy, Greg came into the room to take pictures. Zachary became upset, because Greg wears a baseball cap. He had to leave. When I asked him if he liked the Pittsburgh Pirates, Dawn told me he said no. We were unable to get a hometown. He has a family somewhere in Florida. We used our Raggedy Ann doll. The one hand did light up briefly. Zach told us four other children sometimes came to the room and bullied him. They didn’t like him and he didn’t like them. During our EVP session, a young voice said “Wow!” and “It’s loud!” presumably about the spirit box. As I ended the session, I said I was ending it. A voice replied, “No.” However, there weren’t many responses, so it wasn’t a productive time.

Later, a voice said “Help me” several times. In the living room, I panned across the room and no one was in sight. A voice spoke, “Anybody out there?” It was as though someone was looking through my viewfinder with me. Another time, a voice asked, “Can you hear me?” I only heard this later, unfortunately. In the Master Bedroom, the ovilus spoke the words “bury” and “dig” as Greg passed by the box holding the remains of Tonya’s pet dog! As he walked down the hall passed the attic, the ovilus said “attic.” We got a ladder and Rob looked in the crawl space, but we found nothing.

Dawn sensed the energy of an old man who had lived nearby long before the house had been built. We think it’s his cigar the family smells and his shadow crossing the room. He didn’t want to leave the place he had once lived. She also thought a family friend who had passed away was still there. Greg had detected spikes on the Mel meter in there, and we think the friend was in the bedroom. When I did the baseline readings, I was touched on the hand in that room.

Dawn determined that she could cross over the ghosts, and Tonya, Annie, Greg, and I participated. The bullying children will most likely not return since their target is gone. We were tired, but happy that these ghosts had found peace. Tonya and her family are happy with the investigation and report they are no longer uneasy.