Private Residence Investigation – Tonya & Jim’s House – 2nd Visit – 06/2013

Tonya and Jim, Part 2
June 26, 2013

We had been to Tonya’s before, and things had been fine! Now, she said, the doorknob was jiggling, and there were loud bangs outside the house. No one was in sight when these events happened. She wanted us to come back to see what was there and find out why. We brought our medium, Dawn. Meter readings seemed normal, although there were the same high levels in the downstairs powder room. Upstairs, however, the meter spiked in the hall outside Tonya’s room. I tried various positions in the hall: facing the door, facing the window, facing the stairs. I had Beau join me, and he also had high readings. We put a camera there. We set up cameras in the living room and at the bottom of the stairway. We learned that Tonya was hosting a surprise birthday party for her husband, Jim. Dawn ascertained that many of the ghosts were there for the party! One was John, Tonya’s friend’s father.

Dawn had been telling us that a number of entities with the initial “J” had been asking to speak with me. They would cross, they said, once we came to where they were. “They said they want to talk to my friend,” Dawn said. They were here! Jevin, Jarret, Jeffrey, Jaden, Jorge, Joshua, and Jenny were some of them. The house seemed to be full. Orbs seemed to be flying everywhere! Someone was playing with the electric candle. Listening later, we heard a male voice say, “We’ve been following you!” This might be a reference to “my entourage” of all the “J” people. They have been watching us!

The first EVP session was in the living room. A male voice said, “Smells shitty!” It wasn’t very polite, but he may have been referring to the dog. Since Dawn said some of the “guests” told her “light” when she asked how they died, I asked if there had been an explosion. “Yes!” was an answer. “Will I meet more?” I queried. “Yes.” The ovilus gave us an “F” usually meaning “F***.” Dawn thought it may have meant something else. “Did you mean something else?” I asked. A hoarse voice answered, “Yes.” I had many EVPs from this same voice. Dawn said one of them had throat cancer. Another voice commented, “Pretty” as Beau walked across the camera view. One of the ghosts, according to Dawn, was a drag queen. He was Jaden.

Upstairs in the daughter, Annie’s room, I said I was going to begin a session. “Alright!” said the hoarse voice. Then, “I love you.” The equipment downstairs was experiencing various problems. I asked them if they liked playing with our stuff. “Yes, I like it,” was the response. There was a child or woman singing something. All I could hear on our recording was “La la lollypop.” An interesting comment was “Forward, to the west.!” Was this a reference to our visit to Callie, in just two days? She is Tonya’s friend, who we were investigating.

Greg and Beau joined me in the son’s room. Beau asked, “Do you want to talk with either Greg or me?” The retort was “we good – whatever.” I said, “You are being very quiet.” A trilling little voice said “sorry” and a male voice reprimanded “zip it.” There was very little communication after that.

In the kitchen area, the ovilus was feeding us some risqué words. We commented on them. Then we wondered aloud what Jenny thought of being with all those men all the time! The ovilus then gave us “jerk” which we think was Jenny’s comment. I had the spirit box on. We asked if the comment was Jenny’s. “Bullshit!” shot a woman’s voice! We think that was Jenny’s comment, too! An older female voice than said, “My goodness!” Maybe she was remarking on the adult content of the conversation. The man with the horse voice said, “Hush that animal!” as the dog was barking. Later he said, “See me?” A female said, “You wouldn’t want us to do that,” in reply to our “Tell us your story.” An interchange between two of the ghosts took place. A female voice said, “It’s just me at the door!” An upset male voice answered, “I’m embarrassed.” A woman’s voice, possibly the one who said, “my goodness” before was quite agitated. “Insufferable! I heard you speak it! Disgusting!” Quite an intriguing monologue! The Mel meter hit a 3.5, a solid energy hit just sitting on the coffee table! As Beau crossed the camera, we heard a “Wow!” It must be Jaden again! Beau made an impression. Dawn used her pendulum to demonstrate a method of communicating with entities. It swings one way for “yes” answers and another for “no” responses. It was jerked from her hand! After she looked on the floor for the pieces, a voice triumphed, “Hah!” Somebody didn’t like the use of the pendulum. Sometimes it’s used in black magic, and the use at present may have been misunderstood. We certainly don’t indulge in that! We also have an EVP that says, “I’m Paul Patterson.” I researched the name, and there are so many it’s impossible to decide which one it may be!

According to Dawn, all the “J” folks will be ready to go after the party. Some of them are back at Callie’s, which we did two days later. (Read about that one!) When she comes to the party, they’ll be with her. We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and stay in touch with all parties.