Private Residence Investigation – Maddie & Jesse’s House – 01/2013

Stuart, FL

Maddie and Jesse, a young couple, called to say they were experiencing footsteps upstairs when no one was there; their cats were sometimes staring into the spare room but wouldn’t enter; and the TV went off and on by itself. We went there and found that Jesse wasn’t bothered by the unexplained occurrences, but Maddie was quite distressed. She told us that she wasn’t afraid, but clearly she was. She slept during the day because the footsteps and other noises kept her awake at night. She reported that she had been pushed down the stairs. A lamp was on one night, plugged into an outlet that didn’t work. Maddie wanted to know what the spirits might want.

OPI did baseline readings and found nothing abnormal. The K2 meter registered high in the dining area, but we found that under the floor were electrical wires. Debunked! We conducted a flashlight session in the spare room. An entity told us he was a man named Adam, who once lived in the space. He claimed he did not push Maddie. He did admit he died there. At that point, the batteries in the camera died. We continued with a spirit box session. It seemed that several entities were participating. When I asked, “What do you think about Maddie?” they replied: “Love her!” They didn’t seem to feel that way about her boyfriend. The answer we had was “F### him.” When I asked if it was alright that they lived there, a man answered, “No!” Replies to the question, “Do you like animals?” were “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes, spiders.” I heard “F### you” a few times, from a man’s voice. The batteries died again.

We set up night vision cameras in both bedrooms. Orbs seemed to follow Maddie from room to room, showing an apparent attachment. When Jesse entered the room, they fled!

The still camera captured a few orbs. Notably, they are in the corner of the bedroom, by the bed, where she felt uncomfortable. Someone, they said, sat on the edge of the bed.

Further reports from Maddie indicate hair pulling and more pushing, and that the cabinet doors in the kitchen have been opened.

We returned with our medium, Dawn. She indicated that she felt the presence of children and two men. Since I heard children on the EVPs, this correlated. The children, she said, were Maddie’s younger sister and brother. Since Maddie is adopted, she is unable to confirm this. They liked playing with the cats. With our help, Dawn was able to cross them over. During this process, the kitten came in, circling Maddie and Dawn, then lying down, but inching closer and closer to Dawn. Afterward, it stood in the center of the room, looking around, as if mystified! The crossing over process consisted of us forming a circle, with our palms facing upward. Dawn called on St. Michael and St. Gabriel, the archangels. She asked for help from her spirit guides. She told us that Greg’s and mine also came. Psychically she spoke to the children and the angels guided them into the afterlife. They had been trying to get Maddie’s attention for some years. They were the ones who laid her clothes out on the floor. Our static night vision showed one of the cats coming into the room, and then backing out, as though someone was standing there.

We then went into the master bedroom. Dawn said the two men were arguing over Maddie. One was her father. The other was an uncle. Her father was trying to protect her, possibly from the uncle. The presence of two men was also something we believed from our evidence. We were able to cross them over, too. The process was about the same. I felt my face get very hot, and Greg had some tingling in his hands. We were very tired afterwards. Dawn often is exhausted after these sessions. She encouraged all of us to wash our hands to rid ourselves of negative energy. Dawn cautioned Maddie that there might be residual energy for a day or two. We all encouraged her to engage in activities that she found enjoyable as her best option to keep negative thoughts at bay. We hope Maddie takes our advice.

The names have been changed to respect the privacy of our clients.