Rohs Opera House – Cynthiana, KY – 09/2015

Rohs opera house
Cynthiana, KY
Sept. 2015

Originally opened in 1871 on the second floor, the opera house offered concerts and entertainment to the people of Cynthiana. It was the cultural center of the town. Later, a projection was added for movies. The original opera house was renamed Aeolian Hall. In 1941, the Rohs (ross) Opera house debuted in its new building, and showed movies for just $.05 per adult. The black citizens had their separate entrance upstairs, and sat in a special section of the upper balcony. Unable to compete with megaplexes, the theater closed. Today it offers classic movies and stage productions as well as rental opportunities for weddings, parties, etc. While in some disrepair, it does show some beauty from its glory days and evokes nostalgia for times gone by.

Cynthiana is in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, near Lexington. Fans of “The Walking Dead” may know it as the home of Rick.

There has been reported paranormal activity in the building, and OPI wanted to check it out for ourselves. People say they have seen shadows, orbs, and a little boy. This visit it was Greg, Angel, and me. We had our usual tools, along with periscopes and an EDI meter. This comprises a geophone, K2 and Mel meter in one. We also employed the dowsing rods.

We started on the 2nd floor, backstage. There are so many steps; we thought it would be easier to go down as the night progressed. We set up some equipment on a bench. We’d been told a little boy was sometimes seen on the stage. When I asked if a little boy was with us, one of the periscopes reacted! I played the song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” as a trigger for anyone from the 1940s. The ovilus spoke the word “delightful.” I hope that meant that somebody liked it! Greg had a picture of a negative energy. I asked if someone was unhappy we were there. “Please go,” a voice asked, “Leave.” This spirit was serious, because we had very few EVPs this night! We asked if there was anything we should tell Roger, one of the owners. “The cop,” a male voice answered. We have no idea what that means. Angel and I both saw a flash of light! It took us by surprise, but I asked, “Can you do that again?” “She’s weird,” a voice retorted. While we were sitting there, we realized a bat was flying around! He swept over our heads several times, and Greg tried to capture him in the projection room to no avail. We decided to name him Herschel, after Herschel in “The Walking Dead”! The creator of the show had visited the theater not long ago, and he was jokingly told he was hated there because he had killed off the beloved character Herschel! An EVP over the spirit box clearly asked, “How can we leave?” We don’t know if that means they are trapped, or they are so fond of the theater they don’t want to go.

In the original opera house, we asked if the lady in white was near. There seems to be “a lady in white” in so many places! We could just make out the words, “I’m here.” We heard what sounded like singing and the plea, “Help me.” The REM sounded, signaling spirit activity. Deciding to turn on the SB11, we did catch a few EVPs: “stay, stop it, and f**k.” We stayed for a while, hoping to interact more, but it seemed the spirits were finished.

In the balcony area, the ovilus registered the word “bat” which indicated Herschel, the bat flying around. The Mel displayed a .3, which showed some activity. There was moan, and the question, “What did I do to you?” A deep male voice requested, “Tell me.” Raggedy Ann was sitting near me, and her hand flickered several times, so we wondered if a child was close by. We asked, “Do you have a friend here?” The voice said, “No.” The temperature gauge on the SB11 showed it was getting warmer, even though it was late at night, and cooling outside.

Finally, we went down to the stage. We turned on the spirit box. A voice told us, “They went and left me.” Is that the little boy telling us why he is there? The Mel showed a .8 on the display, which indicates some energy. We asked some questions using the dowsing rods. When we asked if there was a female with us, the rods stayed still. When we asked if there was a male, each one went in opposite directions. Maybe there was more than one! Greg said something funny, and we asked, “Do you like Greg’s joke? If so, move the rods to the left.” We asked, “Do you like comedy? If you do, move the rods to the left.” They moved left. When we asked about horror, the rods split again, letting us wonder if there was more than one spirit manipulating the rods. We asked several more questions, including, “Do you like the 2000s?” The rods indicated a no answer. Finally, the rods ceased moving. The activity stopped.

Although this was a very quiet night for OPI, we did think that the opera house was a worthwhile site. There was enough activity for us to think it probably does have spirits. We know there is no 10:00 show, and no chorus line. Spirits don’t perform on demand. There are many reasons they interact or don’t interact with us. If we are in the area again, we will take the opportunity to check out the opera house another time.