Sedamsville Rectory – Cincinnati, OH – 03/06/2013

Sedamsville Rectory
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sedamsville Rectory was built in 1889 as a home for the priests of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the German speaking Sedamsville neighborhood. It was right next door to the church. It has three floors and a basement. There are servant’s quarter and a back stairway, just like other upper middle class homes of the time. It is a beautiful home, and was used by the parish priests until the 1980s, when it was abandoned. The owners told us that there has never been a break in, even though it stood empty for many years. As lovely as it is, and despite the rather holy nature of the place, there is something not quite right at the rectory. The Ohio River is only few blocks away. Perhaps the flowing water has brought activity. The owners, Tim and Terrie have experienced many things in the house! They have named one of the bedrooms “The Creepy Room,” because of the puckwudgie that inhabits it. A puckwudgie is an evil spirit with many sharp teeth. Three priests died there and were laid out in the parlor. Dog fighting was reported in the cellar. Many groups have investigated. They have reported such phenomena as scratches, noises like a brawl upstairs, doors opening and closing on their own, and banging. OPI, however, had a quiet night.

We found nothing abnormal in our baseline readings. Angel and I started in the attic, which used to be a schoolroom, before the school was built. As a teacher, it interested me. We role played, with me as the teacher! Our ovilus had some relevant words: suffix, harvest, spring, factors, bike, and sacrifice. They all relate to a school. School may have started at harvest and ended in the spring. Suffixes and factors would be taught. Parents and teachers made sacrifices. Children might have come to school on bikes. Negative EVP’s up there include the word “devils” several times and “get more crime” said in a chorus. A child’ voice called “help me!” More positive EVP’s include a woman’s voice saying “8 + 2” as a teacher might! We both felt coldness and a presence. “Make a sound”, we asked. “I did!” was the response. A man’s voice repeated the word “never.” We tried to use the flashlight for a conversation, but it wasn’t successful.

In the second floor servant’s quarter, the ovilus communicated the words: demon, disaster, run, enough, loving, spirits, reverend, Bible, loving, and crystal. I was wearing my crystal, and the other words are relevant in the place, certainly! The flashlight did turn off once or twice but gave us no information. When I asked the entity in the room to turn on the light, the ovilus spoke the word “reason” as though someone were asking for a reason to turn on the light. When Angel turned to look at the light switch, the ovilus said, “glance.” The ovilus gave us the name Carol.

Greg and Rob went into the Creepy Room. Angel stayed in the doorway with the ovilus. Words from it included: laugh, hide, demon, worm, and observe. We believe they are relevant! EVP recordings answer the question of “Are you here?” with a woman’s voice responding “I am” and “Hide!” When Greg said, “Tell us your name”, men’s voices answered, “Edward” and “Boyd.” “What’s your name?” he asked again. “Edward!” came the retort. A man’s voice also said “Fucking “ and “the devil.” A thin, reedy troll-like voice demanded, “Lift me up!” “No, I can’t,” was the reply. When Rob sat down on the couch, the ovilus voiced, “sit.” Angel and I were cautioned by the owner not to be in the room alone, because women tend to be scratched in there. Although Greg and Rob tried to get the puckwudgie to interact, he remained quiet.

In the first priest’s room, I believe we encountered a seminarian. Using the flashlight, he told us he had lived at the rectory and studied for the priesthood, but never became a priest. The reason why is unknown to us. An EVP told us, “I never tried. Never. Never.” In response to my query, “Did you live here at the rectory?” the voice said, “here at the rectory.” When I say, “I’m sorry you didn’t get to realize your dream,” the voice countered, “Don’t be!” And then repeated himself! A man with what sounded like a southern accent said the word “opportunity.” Other voices we recorded said: “I missed him.” “The neighbor.” “Get him, ok?” We heard what sounded like the word “Jawohl” which is German for “yes, sir.” Remember the neighborhood was settled by German immigrants! Finally, in answer to our question, “Are there demonic entities here?” we heard, “I am! How about you?” A dog howled. It may have been demonic, or just a mean spirit trying to intimidate me!

The next room to investigate was the Chant Room, where faint chanting can be heard in what is possibly Latin. Latin was the language used by the Roman Catholic church until the 1960s! We heard kids shouting and playing through the EVPs. That was odd! When we asked, “Did you say mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help?” the answer was “No!” We pressed on. “Is there a demon in the building?” “Yes!” responded a male voice. The flashlight went on. Then, off. Our ovilus relayed the words: enemy and Larry. “Do you live in the rectory/” we asked. “I do!” was the answer we received on the Spirit Box. In what sounds like an Irish lilt, a man said, “I don’t like to think it.” We’re not sure what he meant. In response to a question about teaching the children, we heard the Spirit Box say, “I might have.” Less than a minute later, a male voice declared, “You’re dead!” A few seconds later, we heard, “dead” then “dead” again, then “we’re devils.” The negative energy was clear! EVP’s continued in the same vein. “We’re devils,” “burn,” “we’re damned,” some foul language, and “scare “em.” Clearly, the ghosts there wanted to scare us, although we never heard footsteps, slamming doors, etc.!

In the kitchen, we collected EVPs from the Spirit Box. When asked if anyone could tell us the number of ghosts in the room, a woman replied, “I don’t think so!” Another woman told us, “I be locked up there!” There was some tossing around of the word “fuck.” It seemed to get much colder as we sat there. When Greg placed the Mel meter near Angel, the Meter spiked to a 3.0 reading, and she said she felt warmth!

The cellar was where the dog fighting was reported to be. We used the flashlight to speak with one of the ghosts. It turned off and on, but didn’t really reply to our questions. He didn’t want us to know anything about him, although he said he was a priest who had a church in Kentucky. Further, he said he likes being in the cellar. In the room with the cage, we used the Spirit Box. We were told “We don’t like visits,” and “That’s pain.” The ovilus relayed the names Anthony, Adam, and Mandy. The Spirit Box told us someone named Roslyn was there. When we asked if the spirits were being punished, the answer was, “I don’t know.” There were several times we heard the word “Fuck!” “Sedamsville” was one of the words spoken. When I asked “Do you have any final words before I end the session?” The response was “priest.” Perhaps the woman was asking for the Last Rites of the Catholic Church, a ritual for the very ill and dying.

Our final rooms were the living room and adjoin parlor. There was faint music. Angel was touched on the arm as she sat on the sofa. “Amigo” is one of the words we heard twice on our EVP’s. “Do you have a message?” I queried. “Go back to – – – -” was the retort. We can’t make out the last word. It wasn’t the first time that night we had been told to leave! The ovilus again had some pertinent words: truth, bury, soldiers, and crystal. Three priests had been in the parlor for viewing after they died, and both rooms have had lots of activity. Tonight just wasn’t the time.

We captured some orbs in the attic, the basement, library, dining room, and creepy room. They add to our EVP evidence that entities are present throughout Sedamsville Rectory.

Although it was a quiet investigation, we did get many, many EVP’s and had some personal experiences. We believe it is a haunted location, and would like to return another time.

We always protect ourselves when entering a possible haunted site, especially when it may have demonic presence. We advise anyone else to do the same. Investigating is very serious! Take precautions and know your limitations!