Private Residence Investigation – Sybil’s House – Inman, SC – 12/2013

Sybil’s House
Inman, SC
Dec. 2013

Sybil’s cousin first contacted us on her behalf. She told us Sybil was being harassed. When we spoke to Sybil, she told us a male entity reminded her of her past mistakes. Since July, she told us, he has gotten “nasty.” She’s been touched, shoved, and woken up at night. There was also an old woman’s voice. Another team had investigated a year ago, but was unable to tell her anything except an entity was present. We spoke with her several times. Our medium spoke with her and discovered five souls in the home. Two were men and two were women. Another spirit in the home was her niece who had died about a year previously. Dawn, our medium, was able to help the niece cross over to the light, but the others were unwilling to go yet. By the time we were able to do an investigation, only the two men remained.

Sybil’s house was built in the 1980s, and was in a rural location. Next door was a church cemetery. She was wondering if the souls there were coming to her home. She told us that the house was built for the church pastor. There may have been pass throughs from the cemetery, but it seems that at least one is a steady guest, Joe.

We began in the master bedroom, since she felt so much there. The souls were indeed angry! When we asked, “Is there something we can do to help you?” we were told through the spirit box, “Curse me!” We were cursed at and told to get out. We did get someone asking for help. The Mel meter showed a significant reading. We were able to get some energy photos.

We moved into the kitchen. I asked for a name. “Victim. Irwin.” We seemed to capture a snippet from a conversation between two souls: “I’m sorry.” “I know.” “I beat you.” “I’m black.” This may have been a modern racial confrontation, or a plantation era one. We asked, “Why are you angry with Sybil?” “She broke my heart,” was the answer. Sybil says she doesn’t know who it could be. “Does she know you?” we questioned. “She knows,” a female voice told us. Then, it said, “Get out of my space” or “Get out of my face.” We had more pictures.

The next session was in the spare bedroom. We asked, “Would you like to play with the light?” using the flashlight. The answer through the spirit box was, “Don’t need paper.” This was definitely an interactive spirit. Then we heard, “Grab a phone,” which we interpreted as a tart retort to us wanting to talk. We were told through the spirit box to “Get out of here now!” by a woman’s voice and “Get out of here!” by a male voice, not through the box.

In the living room, I commented on the Christmas tree, and asked if Christmas meant anything to the souls here. “Shit!” was the answer. We actually got most of our EVPs here. I also heard “hate you” and “warning.” These were EVPs not through the box. I asked how many were in the house. “Four,” I was told. “I repeated, “Four?” That’s right,” was the reply. Again, an interactive exchange. For a while, the camera went in and out of focus for no apparent reason. None of us were crossing in front of the camera, or moving items around that might cause the camera to do that. We captured several pictures in here indicating activity. Using the flashlight, we were told that we were speaking to a woman. Since we couldn’t see who we were speaking, with, we don’t know if this is true. The soul, using the light, told us she/he was unhappy, resented the family, liked causing problems, and her/his house looked like this one. We heard a name on our EVPs, but have been unable to find any evidence of the person. We asked about going to church. A child’s voice answered, “Only with papa.” Another voice pleaded, “Help me.” According to further flashlight conversations, the soul was older than 7 and looking for parents. He/she enjoyed causing problems, and took pride in it. These answers could be true or not. We believe it was Joe, who according to Dawn, was a fireman burned to death in the 1960’s. He seemed to be very angry and resentful. He told us, “I’m black.” This could mean his race, or that he was badly burned. He and the other male refuse to leave until Sybil changes certain habits. They are still there.