The Back Porch Lounge – Macon, GA – 10/2014

The Back Porch Lounge
Macon, GA
Oct. 2014

Investigating the Back Porch wasn’t really in our plans! We stopped in to touch base with Odessa, the bartender, who we were doing an investigation for. The owner of the bar, Ginger, asked us to please investigate. All the staff had some experience, and they thought they might know one of the spirits who were there. The Back Porch had been a restaurant back in the ‘70s, rather high end. Today it’s a friendly neighborhood hangout. The baseline meter readings were normal, we could feel energy. In the front room of the bar, I had an impression of a youngish woman from circa 1930s. The building wasn’t there then, but spirits can travel. I asked, “Who was at the bar earlier?” “Dorothy,” was the answer. “My name’s Dorothy. Help me, too.” We asked if Beaver was there. He’s the one the patrons and staff thought might be there; he’d been at the bar nearly every night and had many friends. We met his mom. “We talked to your mom last night,” we began. “Oh, did you,” a voice countered. We don’t know who this was, but his friend thought it was he. We asked, “Is this a fun place to be?” “We’re happy,” the voice responded. In answer to the question, “How many of you are here,” we heard, “We have lots of beer!” In the spirit of fun, we think that meant there were a lot of them. Ginger, the owner, wanted to know if Tony was there. We asked. “Yes, I’m here,” said a male voice. “I feel that you’re sad and angry,” I continued. “Shut up!” the voice told me. I asked who liked to play the jukebox; it was an impression I had. “Ricky liked to play it real loud,” they told me. Then the entity said, “How’d you know that, bitch?” The temperature changed several times on the SB 11, indicating a presence. We heard the names, Bubba, Emerson, Bill, Charley, and Audrey on our EVPs. The only dark energy in the bar that night seemed to be in the corner, near the jukebox. Ricky had unfortunately committed suicide.

In the pool room, we were conducting an EVP session when a voice told me, “I have nothing to say to you.” When I asked about keys missing and turning up in a different place, a voice called, “Hairball’s!” Beaver’s best friend does have lots of wavy hair and it’s his keys that most often go missing. Could it have been him? There were even children’s voices. “I have lots of questions,” I admitted. “Thank goodness,’ said a child’s voice. “We have a question.” There was a voice, but we couldn’t decipher it.

We had the most activity in the back room, where the staff takes the breaks. There are several pictures of positive energy there, too. We used the flashlight to ask yes/no questions. It seemed to respond yes when we asked if this was Beaver. We asked, “Do you like hanging out back here?” and we heard a laugh on our EVP. When I stated, “The people her are like your family,” the voice replied, “They are family. They’re all my family.” Ginger told me she was cold. “Light a fire,” a voice through the spirit box told us. Ginger thought that sounded like her friend, Beaver. We asked, “If this is Beaver, do you miss your friend, Aaron?” “I do!” was the reply. “Do you hide his keys? We asked. “I do!” the voice answered. Ginger liked how the K2 seemed to respond to yes/no questions, flashing up to red for yes. “Can you do it one more time,” she asked. “That’s enough,” the voice stated. We asked if he had any word for Odessa. “Love you, Odessa,” the spirit stated. The room seemed very light. If the spirit was beaver, that would be a good place to hang out with his friends. There had been a noise that pulled us back there. When we asked about it, the energy told us, “A 2 year could do it!”

The owner seemed to be happy and relieved that their old friend was there, and nothing was really trying to harm the staff or patrons. We’ll check from time to time and see how they all are doing.