The Devil Tree – Port St. Lucie, FL – 08/2015

Devil’s Tree
Port St. Lucie, FL
Aug. 2015

There are so many stories swirling around the Devil’s Tree it’s hard to determine what is fact and what is urban legend. That the remains of two young women were found there in the late 1970s is true. A deputy named Gerard Schaefer was charged, convicted and imprisoned for the murders. He is believed to be a serial killer with as many as 30 murders. He was later killed himself in prison. One belief is that after the girls were dead, he returned to perform various acts on the bodies. This was before Port St. Lucie was firmly established, and the area, now a neighborhood and Oak Hammock Park, were just wilderness. There are tales of Satan worshippers meeting at the tree, sacrifices, chainsaws that broke trying to cut down the tree, and hooded figures chasing people at night. Most residents of Port St. Lucie know about the Devil Tree. There are actually three trees in close proximity, and not everyone knows which is which. The park workers will tell visitors there is no such thing. In addition, there are reports of screams and banging coming from the women’s bathroom at night.

OPI had been wondering, and decided to investigate. Were there still spirits in the woods? Were they ones from that particular event or others? We had on the trip Greg, Angel, Rena, Shawnie, Audrey, Kelly, and me. This was Kelly’s first investigation. We had the usual investigative tools along with two periscopes. We took various positions around the tree, each of us with a different tool.

I set up the video cam on a tripod so it was stationary. Early in the investigation, it went out of and then back into focus, for no apparent reason. Rena asked if anyone needed a friend. “I need a friend. I need your help!” a female voice responded. A male voice asked, “Who’s here?” The Mel registered a 1.5 and then later a 1.6. This was in the woods, so there was no power source nearby. The REM interacted with some energy several times. The ovilus said the words, “daddy,” and “quick.”

A few minutes later, the camera again went in and out of focus, the K2 was flickering, and the Mel showed a reading of 1.5. Then the ovilus said “dragged” which is most certainly relevant concerning the crime. However, the infection was not the usual mechanical voice! It was a long drawn out, “draaagged.” We all looked at each other and exclaimed, “What was that? Did you hear that?” Seconds later, a voice said, “drag.” The girls were probably dragged there. This really was a chilling bit of evidence.

We decided to employ the SB 11. Shortly thereafter, a male voice demanded, “C’mon over.” We asked, “Why are you here?” “I was frightened!” a voice replied. When we asked if there was anything to tell us, “Get out of here!” was the message. A woman’s voice asked, “What the f**k happened?” When asked, “Are you trapped,” a voice responded, “Let’s leave Florida!” This was actually a moment of humor. Shawnie mentioned something about metaphysics, and the ovilus responded with that same word –metaphysics! As Audrey was taking pictures with her cell phone, a voice asked, “What is that?” This would indicate that the spirit lived before modern cell phone with all their capabilities. Kelly asked, “Do you have more energy at night?” and earned two answers! “Yes,” said one, and “Never thought of it,” said another. A male voice declared, “Cause we’re f**ked!” We heard the name “Indigo” when Rena asked for one. The Mel now registered 11.9 while Kelly was holding it! When I asked, “Are you close to Kelly?” a voice responded, “I’m not!”

We believe that these EVPs and the pictures Greg took demonstrate definite spirit activity. Some of it seems to be tied to the 1970s murders, but not all of it. We did hear a child’s voice, too. There was more than one male voice. Who was Indigo? The Ais indigenous people were here long before the settlers, and people passed through the area long before the city of Port St. Lucie was founded. There might have been Spanish explorers, Seminoles, early pioneers. There might be more at Oak Hammock Park than we know.