The Garden Theatre – Winter Garden, FL – 05/2015

The Garden Theatre
Winter Garden, FL
May 2015

In picturesque Winter Garden, FL is the Garden Theatre. Built in 1935 as a movie theater, it now hosts plays, concerts and movies. It is historically significant because it was the first place in central Florida built for talking movies! It declined in the 1950’s and became a farm supply store in the 1960’s. It was restored, fortunately, in recent years to its previous beauty. Over its history, many people have passed through its doors, and some are believed to still reside there. OPI, with the help of Sherri Cox, production manager at the theatre, conducted an investigation. We did find some compelling results!

The investigation began in the main seating area of the theatre. Present on this were Greg, Paula, TJ and Leah. We used the spirit box for EVP sessions. Greg asked if anyone came to watch the rehearsal which had just finished. There were two responses” “A little bit,” and “Just once.” A male voice also demanded, “Get off the ship!” The cast was rehearsing for “Peter Pan!” Apparently not hearing any responses, Greg said, “We’re the only ones talking!” “Tough,” was the answer, in a male voice! In answer to Paula’s question if someone knew named Ben, a female voice said, “I did.” Another voice repeated the name, “Ben!” When we announced that we were turning off the spirit box, a voice pleaded, “Don’t leave!” A female voice called out the word, “Jabberwocky.” That’s a term meaning nonsense, coming from a poem by Lewis Carroll. A woman’s voice asked for help.

The team moved to the mezzanine. Again employing the spirit box, we heard the names Cody and Morgan, both by a female voice. The name Morgan was sung. A child’s voice said, “My daddy” and “They know us.” The ovilus gave us I see you, although it is unusual to give a complete sentence. We also heard a child or young woman cry out. The ovilus said the word “devil” but in a drawn out way, also unusual for the ovilus which normally says a word in a mechanical type voice. The ovilus also said three consecutive words “I See You”. Some of the team said they smelled something, and a male voice demanded, “Get out! Away from here.” Sherri brought in her friend Andrea Perron, a local writer. The ovilus said “writing.” The K2 also reacted too, flashing to red in response to “Are you glad Andrea’s here?” When Sherri asked about the lamp that had been knocked over, a man’s voice told her, “F*** you.” She asked, “Do you know who did it?” “Ed,” was the response. There was also a baby wail caught. The K2 flickered in answer to several other questions, including one about drinking wine and one about the Jim Crow laws. The present mezzanine had been where the black population had to sit to watch the movies. The ovilus also gave the word “nana” which is relevant because in Peter Pan the dog is named Nana! A voice said “bark” soon after. When Greg expressed exasperation with himself over not using the Kinect up until now, a voice retorted, “Ha ha!” Sherri asked immediately, “Did you hear that?”

There were enough relevant and positive results with various pieces of equipment that OPI would like to return for a further investigation. Maybe we can discover who might be staying in the theatre and why.