The Garden Theatre – 2nd Visit – Winter Garden, FL – 08/2015

Winter Garden Theater
Winter Garden, FL
Aug. 2015

We had enough activity at the Winter Garden Theater to want to go back! Our friend Sherri Cox, production manager at the theater, arranged for a second visit. This time OPI was represented by Greg, Rena, and me. We were going to be filmed by an independent film crew, so we were excited! There was a thunderstorm, so although the energy generated was an advantage, the noise was not!

We brought along our usual tools, and the periscopes and trigger objects Rena brought along. We set up on the stage for our first session. The Ovilus gave us the name Debra. A voice declared, “You like, you like metal detectors.” Our equipment might have looked like metal detectors to someone. “Let them know I’m here!” the voice continued. A voice said something and to clarify, I asked, “Hoagie?” After a couple of clarifications, I heard the name Doggie. “I’m Doggie.” It was a male voice. During the filming, Greg inadvertently stood in front of the camera, blocking the view of the stage. “What’s the knucklehead doing?” a male voice asked. We heard the word, “F**k!” Someone was not happy! The K2 meter flashed to orange twice while we were there. Since in the past, the site had been the Pounds Motor Company, selling tractors and other farm equipment, we asked about the time. We had some REM activity and K2 activity during that session. A male voice told us, “I dropped outta the ceiling!” We aren’t sure what that meant! This was a long session, but we wanted to get backstage.

Backstage is called the Green Room. There seemed to be a playful spirit there, as the REM would be activated while we weren’t looking at it, and as soon as we did, it would stop! The last time, a woman told us she didn’t like Sherri’s history tour. We wanted to know who it was. “Is she around?” we asked. “Don’t know,” was the reply. “I’ll date you,” a female voice announced. Since there were seven of us in the room, we don’t know to whom she was speaking! We asked again, “who didn’t like Sherri’s stories?” A man’s voice responded, “You’re a shithead!” Rena said there were lots of cool toys. “Give you $1,000,” a voice told her. He seemed to know there was a value involved. We asked if anybody was from the 1940s. “Lose your tongue! “a clear voice retorted-a Class A EVP. The ovilus gave us the word nasty. “Nasty,” repeated a voice.

Going up to the mezzanine, we chose to communicate with the dowsing rods. Sherri held them. We asked if the spirit was a woman, cross the rods. They crossed. We wanted to know if she is older than 55. The answer was yes. If she sat up here, we wanted her to cross the rods. They crossed. Was she a Black American? Again, the rods crossed, affirmative. Sherri wondered if she was the one who followed her up every day. Again, the crossing rods told us yes. We asked one of the film crew to hold the rods and we asked questions. Again, they seemed to respond. We asked him to do this because he is not a paranormal investigator. We ascertained that she can cross to other places, even to other states’ has chosen to be where she is; and has crossed over to the other side.

We did have enough activity to wind up the investigation. Is there paranormal activity at the Winter Garden Theater? We believe so! There didn’t seem to be any negative spirits there. Maybe we can get back there again, and build on the rapport we started.