The Gulfstream Hotel – Lake Worth, FL – February 2017

Gulfstream Hotel
Lake Worth, FL
Feb. 2017

At one time, in the 1920s and 1930s, the Gulfstream Hotel in Lake Worth was a place where the rich, famous, and beautiful people gathered to dance, dine, relax and be seen. Although added to the U.S. Register of Historic Places in 1983, it has been closed since the early 2000s. While it operated, employees sometimes reported paranormal activity. They said a little girl once fell down an elevator shaft, died, and was wandering the hotel. Ghosts were said to play with TVs, cause the lights to flicker, and do other pranks. The homeless now use it as a shelter, and the paint is peeling, ceilings are falling in, mold is everywhere, and so is debris. There have been plans to renovate the property, but so far, nothing has been done, due to strict codes. It will take tens of millions to complete the project. A few years ago, a horror movie was filmed in the building. Remains include a pentagram drawn on the floor, satanic symbols on the walls, and labels painted in the hallways for makeup, restrooms, etc.

On this investigation, OPI had MaryJo, Greg, Sandi, Laura, Audrey, and Christine. Sherri Cox was our guest investigator. We split into two teams: MaryJo, Sherri, Christine, and Sandi in one; and Greg, Audrey, and Laura in the other. War Party Paranormal, who hold the keys to the building, were with us.

My team began in room 323, where we were told by War Party that a man who was very sexual stayed. We used the Mel meter, camcorder and audio recorder. We role played that we were ladies of the evening and were there for him. He could choose the one he wanted. We didn’t seem to get any Class A responses, other than a, ”Hello!” spoken with a male voice. We did, however, get a “yes,” answering Sandi’s question, “Did you live here?” It was a male voice. (ClassB) Christine and I both felt a constriction around our necks, leading us to wonder if this man liked to choke others.

After a while, we went into the hall, near the elevator. We did hear a female say, “Hey, Penny!” What is interesting is that I am a member of the Irish Penny Brigade, a social group. Was the woman a member at one time? Or did she mistake us for someone else? There was a Class B ”Get out.”

We took a break, and Greg and I switched our teams. I now had Audrey and Laura, while he took Sandi, Sherri, and Christine.

We ventured up to Room 423. As we were conducting an EVP session, we heard a noise that seemed to come from the closet behind Laura. It is clearly heard on the recording. “Did you hear it,” Laura asked immediately after. When Audrey asked, “Is there anyone here with us?” there is an indistinguishable whisper. The camera kept going out of and back into focus, as though someone was walking in front of it, although none of us were.

We went back to Room 323. Again, I felt the throat constriction, and so did Audrey. However, this time, we though perhaps he choked himself, accidently. There were some other voices, but they aren’t clear. I think I heard a woman say, “Tell me a little,” after I asked about the hotel.

Down in the so called Pentagram Room, where parts of the movie were shot, we did get activity. We don’t know if this is because of the movie, the pentagram itself, or if someone has brought spirits in there. We turned on the SB11 for a short time. A man’s voice asked, “What were you?” A woman commented, “There’s another one.” The best EVP came next! I asked, “If you know our names, can you say them?” A woman’s voice answered, “Sandi, MaryJo, and Christine.” Christine wasn’t there, but she and Laura do have a passing resemblance in the dark. When we asked who the president is, I heard a voice answer, “Casino.” It’s not the name of our president, but Trump does own casinos. We continued our questions. “Tell us about the pentagram.” “It works,” was the response. When I said I was turning off the box, a male voice demanded, “Don’t touch the box.” About 30 seconds later, a voice said, “Hey!”

We decided to try what War Party calls “the little girls room.” It is a very dark and dingy corner room, very small. The movie crew claims that they saw a small girl in that area. There are many toys and pennies on the floor. It certainly doesn’t seem the kind of room a child would enjoy. The only truly clear EVPs are a voice telling us, “Alright, already!” when I end the spirit box session; a voice told us, “I’ll sit down.” We heard no child’s voice.

Greg’s team investigated near the elevator on the first floor. The camera went out of and into focus several times, although no one was moving in front of it. In answer to the question, “How many spirits are here?” a voice distinctly answered, “Seven.” There is a noise which seemed to come from the elevator. Remember, they aren’t working. When asked for a name, a voice responded, “Frank.” At the end of the third session, there was a barking noise, which may have come from outside.

While they were in Room 301, which is alleged to be active, the camera was going out of and into focus again. When the group asked again, “How man you you are there?” the answer was again, “Seven,” in confirmation of the first response. They asked for another name, but the retort was once again, “Seven!” When asked for another number, I heard, “37.” This may not be heard by others, as it is a Class B.

Unfortunately, we captured no shadow figures, nor saw any apparitions. The mold eventually made it hard for some of us to breathe, and my eyes began to burn. It is sad that such a once grand hotel has fallen into such disrepair. It should probably be condemned in its present state, but it is so difficult to not try to restore it to the splendid state it was once in. We could almost see the well-dressed ladies and gentlemen of a bygone era dancing across the ballroom, descending the staircase, and loitering at the bar.