The Old School Investigation – Fellsmere, FL – 12/2015 & 01/2016

Old School
Fellsmere, FL
Dec. 2015/Jan 2016

In the early 1900s, Fellsmere was an idea in the mind of E. Nelson Fell. He wanted people from the northern states to move into the area to farm. The soil was rich, the weather usually warm. He even managed to bring the train to his new town, allowing easy access for potential new farmers and residents. In 1916 the first town school was built. It even has a basement of sorts, unusual in Florida. By the 1990s the school, abandoned for years, was slated for demolition. Thankfully, it was saved, and today houses the city government, Community Theater, and Boys and Girls Club. It also is host to several, if not many, spirits, most of them children! No violent deaths have ever been reported, and no suicides, but the spirits seem to like the old building with its wooden floors, high ceilings, and echoes. OPI spent two evenings investigating. Our team included Sandi, Shawnie, T.J., Greg and MaryJo. Larry of the Florida Bureau of Investigations, who has access to the building, accompanied us.

We used our Mel and K2 meters, recorders, still camera, video camera, spirit box, ovilus, and periscope. We did focus on the theater, choir room, Boys and Girls Blub area, and the electrics room. Sandi’s ovilus gave us the name Liam. Liam is a young boy who has been on investigations there before and interacted with one of the spirits. It is an unusual name, and we consider it relevant.

The 3rd floor is occupied by the choir room and theater. The stage area was an active spot. We did hear knocking on two occasions. Sandi said “hi” and a male voice responded, ‘Hi, how’d ya do?” It sounds like a regional expression. When asked where the office was located, a female voice answered, “Down the hall.” Several Class B and Class EVPs indicated a child or children, a man, and a woman there. A friend with dowsing rods asked if someone knew Liam, and the rods indicated an affirmative answer. Two of us felt a young boys presence in the room off the stage, but we had no evidence.

In the choir room, Raggedy Ann’s meter lights indicated a spirit interacted with the doll several times. We heard a bang, but it was probably Larry on another floor, The sounds are very audible in the school, and echoes and noise can be a problem if we aren’t careful. We would rather discount if in doubt. TJ sensed a woman in blue, most probably from the 1920 or 30s. She might have been a teacher there, but we have no evidence.

On the first floor, or basement, is the Boys and Girls Club. The art room and computer lab they use is on the 2nd floor. In the art room, the REM pod sounded several times, evidently being manipulated by some spirit or spirits. Words from the ovilus were odd: filthy, dark, grotesque, and adventurous. When we asked, “Can you clap?” we all heard a noise. We don’t believe it was from an outside source. In the lab, the ovilus words again were confusing: suicide, woof, and carnivore. We all heard a “snap” noise we classified as a Class A EVP.

In the basement level, in the club area, we had very little interaction. This puzzled us, because this seemed to be the location where the children’s energy would be highest. Young children are here every day after school, playing and interacting with each other.

Finally, we checked out the small room where the electrical equipment is. It is a fear cage, meaning the EMF readings were exceedingly high. This is reasonable, considering the amount of electricity passing through. We had a few Class Bs and Cs, but nothing we could call clearly audible.

While we found nothing spectacular, we did find enough to call the site haunted. We believe most of the spirits are children. They may have been playing Hide and Seek with us. The presence of one female and one male is also indicated, probably teachers. The community is small, and many spirits may feel comfortable staying in the location where they went to school, met with their friends, and enjoyed childhood. OPI hopes to return soon!