The Sailfish Brewery – Ft. Pierce, FL – 07/2015

Sailfish Brewery
Fort Pierce, FL
July 2015

Sailfish brewery is in the Edgartown neighborhood of Fort Pierce, opening in 2013. Fort Pierce is an old town, its origins in the Seminole Wars of the mid- 1800s. It continued to grow. The neighborhood now known as Edgartown, built up in the early 1900s, was just north of what was to become the city of Ft. Pierce. It was incorporated in 1901, about the time photographer Harry Hill built his home and studio there. Harry was a prominent local photographer, photographing people, modes of transportation, animals, fish caught in the sea, clouds, plants, buildings, and bees. Harry kept bees and grew pineapples. The Florida East Coast Oversea Extension made him their official photographer. The people in the area enjoyed Harry’s pictures, and he began his own busi9ness, The Florida Photographic Concern. Many generations of local people came to have Harry take their photographs. He even encouraged other photographers, and magazines and newspapers to include more pictures. Much of what we see of Ft. Pierce history was documented by this man. Harry and his family built three structures on his property. They lived, worked, grew pineapples, and kept bees there.

Eventually Harry’s neighborhood fell into disrepair, as did many once fine residential areas. Sadly, the property became a brothel and was a haven for drug users and sellers. Sailfish has helped revitalize the community, producing craft beers and selling them in the old Hill Homestead. Today there is an outdoor area to relax and for local musicians to provide entertainment, as well as the inside tavern. Employees reported feelings of being watched and seeing things out of the corner of their eyes, so OPI investigated. The owners are embracing the paranormal aspect of their business. One our initial visit, we found enough activity to warrant another, longer stay. During our first, we connected with a spirit calling herself Winona, and one rather negative energy in the small back building. There were some positive spirits in the tavern area, too.

On this visit, Greg, Paula, Sandi, and I were accompanied by brew master Al and his friend Elena. During our investigation, we encountered several men and women and a child. We started out in the back building, where we had encountered the dark entity. This was an active area! Using our SB11, we conducted an EVP session. The first voice asked us the very ambiguous question, “Why do ghosts take so long?” When we asked, “Is anyone back her?” the reply was, “You don’t have to be here!” Sandi introduced herself, and a voice mimicked, “I’m Sandy.” We had a “yes” to our question, “Do you know Al?” Paula wanted to get a name. “Ann,” a voice told her. This was Sandi’s first investigation with us, and we noted that in the session. “Good luck,” a gruff male voice spoke. Sandi told any spirits within hearing, “I’m here as a friend.” “Good,” was the retort. A male spirit apparently was there from the brothel days. “Can you f***?” he queried. He may have thought Paula, Sandi, and I were “some of the girls.” We heard the names Joey and Jaqueline. Since we heard both a male and female voice, we asked if there was a couple there. “We traveled to Florida!” someone told us. Paula asked if anyone need help. “Call me later. When ya gonna call me?” an eager voice asked. Paula felt somewhat uneasy, so we switched spots. “Hey, whaddya doin’’’?” asked a curious someone. I showed how the K2 works by turning it off and on. “The damn box!” a voice exclaimed. Maybe he remembers it from the last time. The name Robert appeared on the ovilus, so we asked about him. “Ain’t no Bob!” was the comeback. When asked, “Do you want to be here,” the riposte was, “Better’n nothin’”! Rather cryptic.

We decided to move to another part of the complex. As I passed a huge banyan tree, I asked if anyone had gathered there. “Showtime!” was the answer we heard later. The tree was once a gathering place for many Native Americans and later, early Fort Pierce pioneers. According to local lore, Billy Bowlegs was a frequent visitor, and Harry Hill did take a photo of him. Billy Bowlegs was a leader of the Seminole people from the late 1800s into the mid 1900s. The Bowlegs family is far flung and well known in Florida history.

We visited the bar. The activity there was constant. Paula wanted to know how old, and her answer was, ”Old guy.” Sandi wondered if he or she was married. “I’m married,” a voice answered her. We employed our SB 11. A voice said, “Bon ami,” which is French for good friend. Possibly a French spirit is there. Country singing was coming over the box, so I asked “Do you like to sing?” A deep male voice replied, “Sing.” “Are you a country fan,” I questioned. “I don’t mind it,” he told me. We asked for a name. “Don. Pretty important. Damn important,” a voice responded. Another voice blessed us, “God love you!” Hearing the train come by the property, I commented, “Here comes the train!” “Just missed it,” was the jocular answer. We asked, “Do you mind being alone?” “A little bit I don’t mind,” the voice informed us. This was a day the brewery was closed, so there wouldn’t be anyone there but the brewers, so we wondered if anyone was lonely if the quiet was welcomed. We also hear the word Akron, a city in Ohio. We also hear “nightlife” and the proclamation, “We have free coke!” This could refer to the drink, or the drug. Remember, this area was a haven for the drug culture. A female voice asked, “Who are you?” She was as curious about us as we were about her! Another voice told Mark to go away. The word Tesla appeared on the ovilus, so we asked if anyone knew Tesla. He was a great scientific mind of the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s. We don’t know if he had ever been to Florida, but he did work for Thomas Edison, and Edison lived in Ft. Myers, FL. The reply we received was an uncomplimentary, “I know that bitch!” We realized that Greg wasn’t in the room, so Paula asked, “Where’s Greg?” “He stepped out!” as helpful entity told us! We wondered if there was someone from another country here. “Are you from Germany?” we asked. “We ain’t German!” was the angry retort! “You don’t like Germany?” we asked. “Right!” the male voice told us! We wonder if he is from WWI or WWII when anti German feeling was high. As we ended the spirit box session, a male voice told us, “Thank you.” We didn’t feel anything really negative in the room. In fact, the spirits were cooperative and at least one was friendly, with the phrase, “God love you!”

There is a combination apartment office over the actual brewery. Since it had so much activity on our first visit, we went up again. We weren’t disappointed. A woman’s voice spoke both my name, MaryJo, and Paula’s soon after we walked in. “The voice was familiar, so we asked, “Have you been following us?” “All night,” she replied. We again announced that this was Sandy’s first time with us. “Well, damn!” said a man’s voice. They were in a cheerful mood. Greg remarked that the EMF was of the charts. “They don’t know!” the male said. Then the mood changed. “Lock the door!” a voice demanded. A child called out, “A man’s coming!” “A woman’s voice responded, “He’s gonna be here!” We heard the child’s voice again, but couldn’t make out the words. It may have been residual energy, coming from another time. Perhaps the woman was one of the ladies in the brothel. A man then spoke. He seemed to verify that this was a brothel at one time. “I’m Matt. I like to do it real slowly in the first spot. You can blow that.” A woman’s voice replied, “First on the street.” We asked, “What year were you born?” The male, Matt, told us “99.” He told us, Mark left her.” Mark was mentioned previously, remember. Greg took a picture showing energy. “That was me!” a voice claimed! Elena bent over the desk, showing her backside to the camera. “Do that more times,” a voice requested. It seems she had an admirer. When I ended the session, I said as usual, ending. “Ending,” a voice repeated. We asked for a flicker of the flashlight. “F*** you!” a female voice asserted! We guess she didn’t want to communicate via the flashlight.

We walked in to the kitchen. It was full of dishes from a party a day or so earlier. We began another EVP session with the SB 11. “What’s that?” a man’s voice asked. “It’s evil,” a woman’s voice responded. Not the SB 11! Al had been living in the apartment for a short while. A man apparently noticed the change. “What home is this? Who is that?” he asked. We asked if he liked to party. “Yeah, sure,” the voice asserted. There was again a child’s voice, although we were unable to discern the words. Sandy wanted to know, “Do you like to drink beer?” “I don’t do that, the male voice affirmed. The camera went out of focus then. We asked what the drink of choice was. We had three replies: “Milk, beer, tequila,” as from three different people. The child probably liked milk. Since Greg likes tequila, we asked about margaritas. “I drink ‘em up, I’m by myself,” a feminine voice informed us. “Do you like tequila,” we asked to clarify. “Are you listenin’,” a male retorted. We were able to catch several pictures upstairs: one negative over the bed and Elena, and a few other more positive. Perhaps we were being protected.

In the room where the beers are actually created, we held an EVP session, too. We asked if anybody wanted to talk, and were shut down. “We already talked!” “Bitch” was heard twice, and so was “get out”. The spirit had had enough.

As if to confirm this, when we went in to the small back building again, Paula’s camera went off. She asked if she should go. The camera went back on, as if in affirmation. She asked, “Would you turn the camera off again if you want us to go?” It went off, and we knew the investigation was over for the night.

We will return and try to find out more about these attention getting spirits, and try to figure out how they fit in with the history of Sailfish Brewery.