The St. Augustine Lighthouse – 2nd Visit – St. Augustine, FL – 7/2015

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Visit 2
St. Augustine, FL
July, 2015

St. Augustine Lighthouse is well known in the paranormal community as a site of activity. The spirits of three young girls accidently killed in a tragic accident in the 1870’s; Lighthouse Keepers William and Kate Harn; Dr. Ballard, who had a quarrel with the government; and a possible suicide have all been reported as being on the property. In addition, people have claimed to hear children laughing outside, smelling cigar smoke, and hearing voices. OPI investigated in February 2012. We came back for more!

The original lighthouse was built by the Spanish in 1586. They were several more, which were destroyed. In 1974, the present lighthouse was built. The Pettee family came to St. Augustine so Mr. Pettee could be the keeper. It was two of daughter, Mary and Eliza, and a workman’s child, who were killed when the hand cart they were playing in rolled into the ocean. Dr. Ballard wanted to make a deal with the government, but he was forced from his home. William and Kate Harne moved in to the lighthouse, and when he died, she took over as keeper. Some say she is the Lady in white who is seen. Many others have come and gone, and no one knows for sure who all the spirits are! They do make themselves known, though!

OPI had a large group this time, with a couple of guest investigators. Greg, Sandi, Rena, Kelly, Shawnie, Paula and I were there with Kelly’s son Zack and two of Rena’s friends. Those two had done some investigating before. This was Zack’s birthday and it was his very first investigation! Our investigator friend Denice was there, too. We were all ready to go!

We brought all the usual instruments, and Rena brought along the new periscopes and geophone. There were plenty of ways to get reliable results.

We made the cottage’s far basement, near the display case, our base. Greg, Kelly, Zack, Paula, and I made one team. The others made Team 2. They started in the lighthouse, while we began in the cottage. When we were there the first time, the lady in white was manifesting in a photograph while Beau and I sat there. We reminded the spirits of this, and how I was touched on the ankle. I was touched again, on the ankle! The temperature gauge on the SB11 changed constantly, getting warmer, even though it was very late, and the air was cooling off. We did capture voices several times, but were unable to comprehend what they were saying all the time. A Class A EVP was, “Turn on the lights.” A male voice said, “He’s awful young!” We suppose he was speaking of Zack, who was turning 19 that day. While Zack was on my viewfinder, a female voice declared, “You’re hot!” Through the SB11, I did hear a man’s voice say, “Hold on to William!” but it was very faint. William Harne was a keeper in the 1880s. Zack asked someone to pull on his shirt, and I heard a female voice answer, “Definitely!” Zack did seem to inspire some interaction! We did the “shave and a haircut” knock and asked someone to complete it, and we did hear two faint knocks! The K2 did react several times during our time in the basement. There are maritime and military exhibits in the basement, so there could be spirits who have nothing to do with the cottage itself.

We next visited the parlor upstairs. We heard voices, but they were vague. Paula wanted a name. The response was laughter! It is a Class A EVP! We turned on the spirit box and asked if someone could say hi to Zack. A male voice responded, “Z’up man!” This seems to be a more modern spirit! Again, Paula asked for a name. “Who’s interrupting?” a male voice asked. “Cable me!” he continued. We think that is funny, and shows that he maybe wasn’t in the era of telephones. The ovilus gave us the word “pendant,” and Zack remarked that we were all wearing a glow-light necklace. A male voice then asked, “What speaks?” This is clearly heard. A female voice spoke the word “grandma.” Kelly thanked the spirits by saying, “Thank you for letting us sit in your parlor.” “We didn’t say –,” was her response. We couldn’t make out the last word or words. A clear “Hey you” was heard by all of us. My neck began to hurt, as though someone were squeezing it. There is a story, unsubstantiated, that a sailor hung himself in the basement. Could he be showing me how he died? Greg was able to get a photo of a negative energy draped across me.

Our third and final site was the top floor, and exhibit room. I commented that this would have been a bedroom once. “We know this!” was the retort! We determined to try a flashlight conversation. We asked Zack to help us out. He asked for the light to be turned on. “Flash on,” a voice replied. We asked if the soul with us had been married to a keeper. The light went on, signifying a yes answer. We asked if this was the lady in white, commonly believed to be Kate Harne. Again, the light went on for a “yes.” We asked if she was sad. Again, the light showed an affirmative response. Kelly asked, “Can you put the light on for Zack?” It came on!

It was time to switch! Rena’s group would investigate the house, and we would go to the lighthouse, just across the lawn. There are 219 steps in the building. The keeper had to walk those at least twice a day with a heavy tank of oil to keep the light burning. We only made it part way up, and were in the middle of investigating when the camera and recorder died. However, we did get some convincing results. The camera, in a static position, went out of focus, and then back in. The K2 was constantly flashing to yellow and even orange, showing interaction with spirit. Paula had turned her ankle a few days before and was rubbing it with her shoe off. “Hobble” was the word on the ovilus, as though noticing that she had to hobble! We all heard a girl or woman scream, although it was not picked up on our equipment! Neither was a moan we heard! In response to our question, “Can we help you?” we heard, “Nuh uh, you can’t.” Greg took several photos of orbs surrounding Zack. He did say his hand was being touched. We had asked them to help celebrate his birthday, and they did!

We found the cottage more active that the lighthouse itself. Perhaps if we had stayed in there longer, we would have collected more results, and then again, maybe not. Our last investigation was very much the same, although then we did get all the way to the top. There are so many stories about the lighthouse, so many people who moved through, and so many who continue to visit, as well as all the artifacts that are there, that it is likely we will never know who all the spirits are. Some may be attached to items brought there, and some may come with visitors and decide to stay for a while. We all were grateful for the interactions, and look forward to visiting again!