Wanda Kay’s Ghost Shop – Newport, KY – 09/2014

Wanda Kay’s Ghost Shop
Newport, KY
Sept. 2014

Wanda Kay is known to many because she was involved in the Bobby Mackey Tours. Today she operates her own shop and isn’t with the tours. She is still active in the paranormal community, has authored two books, and conducts tours of the historic area of town. Her store carries many items such as tarot cards, salt lamps, and other metaphysical merchandise as well as investigative equipment. It also has psychics. Wanda Kay’s had just opened when she allowed us to investigate. It is on the site of an old hotel which had burned, and people were killed there. It was also a gambling house where there were shootings. Underneath was a tunnel that ran across the street to another speakeasy. Wanda Kay told us there were abortions performed there, too. It had a rather sordid history. We expected there to be angry energy as well as some grief.

On this investigation, TJ, Angel, Greg and I were there. We were honored to be one of the few investigators in her new place! She had set a small museum in the store and we read some of the history with great interest. History and the paranormal, we believe, go hand in hand. The story behind the activity is what makes it so fascinating and relevant!

In the furnace room downstairs, we were using the spirit box. We heard the names Debra, Mack, Dennis, and David. We were told to “get out! by a male voice. We asked about gambling. “Not with me!” declared a voice. “Have to force the customer,” advised another male voice. Another demanded, “Get down on your knees!” These statements all seem related to the history of a speakeasy/gambling house. We asked about the Primrose. Wanda thought a nightclub there once was called the Primrose. “Primrose Inn,” corrected a voice.

The back room, Wanda told us, was used as an abortion room, before they became legal. A voice sounding like a man told us, “Life sucks!” A female sounding voice asked for help. She also said, “Raped me!” Rape was a topic often repeated. “Go back or we’ll rape you,” Angel and I were told. “That’s rape!” was another EVP. These were all heard through the SB11. We heard the phrase, “Hurt her? Definitely!” This was a very unsettling place! We did not hear these words until later but felt a sorrowful energy. In that room we caught two women’s names, Celine and Jean.

Upstairs in the museum area, there is an “X” on the floor to show where one of the gamblers was shot in an argument over $80 many years ago. We were re-enacting the scene, and when I stood on the “X” the temperature on the SB11 changed. This happened several times, so I asked if it bothered someone. “Move!” I was commanded. We asked “Were you a good gambler?” “No,” was the wry reply. We asked about his family. “Yes, with children,” a young voice told us. We asked if he had a wife and kids. “I miss them,” was the unhappy response. “Do they miss me?” We felt so sad for him!

Although we were only there for a short time, during the afternoon, we do believe that there are souls at Wanda Kays who haven’t left. OPI would like to revisit the site to learn more about those who are still there after all this time. Of course, we’d like to visit with Wanda Kay, too!