Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, KY – April 3rd, 2014

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, KY
April, 2014

The entire paranormal community has heard of Waverly Hills. It’s well known. It began as a schoolhouse in 1883, became a Tuberculosis Sanitarium in 1910, and then became a geriatric hospital in 1962. It closed in 1982 due to charges of patient neglect. It was overcrowded and understaffed. During its time as a TB facility, it was a self-contained community with a post office, farms, and water treatment plant. Patents and staff didn’t leave. Spirits from any of the previous establishments might be there. In addition, an owner in the 1980s tried to destroy the building and allowed vandals, cultists, gangs and anyone to enter and use the building. Spirits from one of those groups might be there, too. In addition, a homeless man was beaten to death in the building. During the time it was a TB hospital, even children were treated. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel are reported to be there, too. The building has deteriorated now, but it is in good enough condition to host paranormal teams who want to investigate. There are 5 floors, including the basement. Running on side of each floor is a porch patients were allowed to sit on and get the sun. On the roof are two solariums, one used for adults and one for children.

During the night we were there, it was very stormy. This made it difficult to hear all the EVPS. We set up base camp on the 2nd floor, and put Angel in charge of monitoring the monitors. This is important since it helps us know if one site is more active than the others, and if there are any problems with the cameras. She was able to tell us when the rain was coming through the roof and drenching one of our cameras! We had 2 guest investigators with us – our friend Sheila and her son, Derek. We were able to get several photos of spirit energy throughout the building.

We had been given a brief historical tour and told where the hot spots are. Sheila and I started the investigation in Room 265. We heard on our EVP, “Mommy, help me!” called out by a child. We moved into the café, and using the spirit box, caught several voices. A male voice told us, “Get out!” and asked “My mother?” A male voice said, “Tobacco,” maybe asking for some. We heard three names: Alex, Rebecca, and Roberta. There was also, “Help me,” something we often hear in places there is paranormal activity.

In the children’s café, Sheila felt warmth on her hand, and the spirit box yielded a child’s voice at the same time, saying, “I’m big!” A male voice again said, “My mother.” Perhaps one of us reminded him of his mother. When Sheila asked, “Do you like to read?” a voice responded, “Stop reading!”

Sheila and I were joined by Derek in the children’s solarium. Children came up here to play and be with each other. Derek has 4 young daughters of his own, and some of the children, at least, seemed to respond to him. His K2 meter constantly flashed up to red, indicating a strong EMF presence. It flashed in response to questions. We were told that there were children there. The k2 indicated that the girls were about 10, 8, and 6. Sheila and Derek were talking and a voice asked, “Who’s that?” Some of our EVPs include a male voice through the spirit box saying, “My brother,” three times! Was someone identifying Derek, or introducing someone we couldn’t see? We also hear the name “Marie.” A voice told one f us, “You’re a nut.!”

We went to the room where the homeless man allegedly lived and died, along with his dog. He was allowed to stay on the premises in return for chasing away vandals. Through the spirit box, we heard the chilling admission, “I killed him. I beat him.” It was a male voice. Was it really the homeless man’s murderer, or just someone claiming to be? The K2 showed little activity. Outside in the hall, Derek remarked that it was cold. “Get in there,” a man’s voice responded. “He’s never gone make it,” it continued.

We walked down the hall, and noticed the rain had slowed and the insects and animals were making a lot of noise. I remarked that it certainly was noisy! Suddenly, it became very quiet, almost in response to my statement. It was an odd effect. Greg said how odd it was that the noises all stopped, and a male voice, heard later, agreed, “It’s freaky.” Shortly after, the sounds resumed. I asked if I could come into a room. “Sure,” answered a voice. Back in the hall, we asked if one of the souls could make the K2 go to red, so we would know someone was with us. Derek’s K2 had just flashed to red and we wanted verification. “Don’t want to!” was our answer, heard later on the EVP. The K2 would occasionally flash to the 2nd green light, but would go no further. A female voice, later heard, told us, “Now I can beat you up.” I told the souls present, “It’s nice to communicate with you.” “You’re welcome,” was our response. Another faint EVP remarked, Bruise on arm.” That could be referring to Derek’s tattoos, since they were visible.

We returned to the children’s solarium, where Derek had quite a lot of interaction with spirits we think are children. The K2 responded to our questions by flashing to orange and even red. We learned that 3 little girls were with us, all sisters. An EVP told us, “Wanna play with the ball,” after we asked if they wanted to play with the ball that was on the floor. There are many balls laying around the building as triggers for the children. A male voice told us, though, “Get outa here!” A male voice also said, “I found you, Megan.” We wonder who Megan is, who the man is and why she might have been hiding. We used the spirit box, and heard several names, including Devon, Big Tom, Maria, Winona, James, and Burnet. We asked, “How old are you?” “6,” was the response. We asked, “Use your energy to make the lights flash.” “Hard for me,” complained a male sounding voice, through the box. The male seemed to be following us throughout the building. A voice told us, “I’m burned.” “Do you like fairy tales,” we queried. “I love you,” said a female voice. That was somewhat interactive. We listed a few serial titles from the 1940s and 50s, such as Cherry Ames and Trixie Belden. An angry voice retorted, “Shut up, whatever. We’re devils, we’re fine.” Clearly, we had irritated someone in some way!

Nearly the solarium is Room 502, the room where the young nurse was supposed to be discovered dead, after she found herself pregnant and unmarried. Some say she had contacted TB as well. This story has not been proven. Her name, I believe, was Mary. Each one of our names, Sheila, MaryJo, and Derek had our names spoken. A voice coming through the box told us, “Good night.” A male voice said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” We wonder what he’s sorry about, and who he’s telling. When I asked, “Is there anything you want to tell us?” the reply was, “happy.”

Down the hall was the adult’s solarium. The grownups would socialize here and enjoy the sun from inside. We did get some EVPs there, notably the names Kiley, Maggie and Helen. Derek mistakenly thought children played here, too, and asked for someone to play ball with him. We told him this was the adult section. Then we asked, “Did you think Derek was silly to ask you to play ball?” “Not me,” was the response! Somebody may have just been glad for the acknowledgement.

We had some good interaction in the OR. Painful surgery was conducted there, sometimes even rib removal in the mistaken idea it would cure the tuberculosis. We used the box. Immediately, we heard, “Get out!” We asked for any names. “Ben,” came through. Greg had heard ben on the ovilus earlier. A female voice, possibly a nurse, commanded, “Emergency! Get the doctors!” That is certainly relevant for the site! It sounded like two people were arguing, so I asked if there was an argument. “I know they were having an argument,” a man’s voice retorted. Another voice insisted, “Go back, get the knife!” We asked, as we usually do, “Is there anything we can do to help you?” “Good one,” came the bitter reply. One soul was very frustrated, we concluded. “Is there anything you want us to know? We asked. “I love you,” a man answered. A man’s voice also told us, “Get out of the way,” as though we were interfering with a procedure. There was a “F*** you!” at the end of the session.

In another of the rooms, I told the spirits present, that one of them could knock to let us know they were here. I then rapped out a pattern. “I can’t knock back,” a male voice told us.

Both Derek and I were drawn to an office. The presence there told us first he was a doctor and then an evil spirit. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, but we left anyway. Maybe he just wanted to be left alone.

Down in the morgue, we heard several times “Help me.” When I asked “Who’s here” the answer was, “Me.” We asked who the doctor was. “Pauley,” was the reply. When I ended the spirit box session, I said, as always, “Ending in 3, 2, 1.” A voice echoed, “2, 1.” There was a tapping sound we can’t explain.

During a break a base camp, we all heard a shriek. We weren’t sure if it was paranormal or not. We asked questions, but heard nothing in response. Two of our team went to the office to ask about it and were told that teenagers living down the hill often screamed when paranormal teams were in the building. We considered it not paranormal. Angel had seen a possible orb on the camera, but we determined it was probably a bug.

On the 3rd floor nurses station, we asked how nurses were there. “About 20,” was the response. We asked for information about the man who was beaten to death. “No can do,” a male voice retorted. We had been using the box. Using the K2 meter we gleaned that the nurses liked the rain, could see us, and knew Timmy, the name of a little boy spirit who is at Waverly.

In the 3rd floor hallway was another of the many balls placed through the building for the sprit children. Twice we asked if someone could move the ball for us, so we could play. Both time, EVPs later revealed the questions, “Why?” Nobody wanted to play ball that night!

An exciting moment came when it was fairly calm outside, and Sheila, Derek and I were walking down the hall. A remark was made about being in “spooky Waverly.” Suddenly, there was very loud slam! We all wheeled around. “Who’s there?” I asked. None of the doors were closed, there was no strong wind, and nobody was on the floor but us. Then, a door next to us slowly began to swing open. I had the camera on and asked questions, but we got responses. A few moments later, Greg and Rob came down from upstairs asking us if we had heard the noise. We certainly had! It was if someone heard the comment and wanted to affirm it!

Later, we heard what sounded like furniture being dragged across the floor upstairs, but there is no furniture in the rooms any more. The remainder of the night was quiet. We talked about wrapping it up, and a voice complemented us, “Good work.” We would definitely return sometime to Waverly. There is enough activity to convince us that there are still presences there. Some want help, and others seem to have made a choice to stay there for now. In the future, plans are in the works for developing Waverly into a hotel, restaurant and museum, catering to paranormal enthusiasts.