Private Residence Investigation – Woppert House – 2nd Visit – June 18th & 19th, 2013

Woppert House
2nd Visit
June 18-19, 2013

We had such an intriguing experience with James last year, with so much evidence and so many experiences, that when he invited us back, we didn’t think twice! This time, we investigated in the dark. We have scores of EVPs, intelligent orb activity, the Big Dipper that seems to be in the wrong position, and a wall that can have a meter reading of 0.0 or 10.1. The evidence ranges from funny to bizarre to creepy.

We did baseline reading again, since it’s been awhile since our first investigation. It all seemed normal. We brought a laptop so we could listen to EVPs on site and interact more. I could listen, and then go back to ask questions to clarify or expand on what we heard.

We started outside, while it was light and we could see our way around. We have several EVPs at the pool. A male voice claimed, “I’m a soldier. “When we asked, “Do you use the pool?” Our reply was “not for people.” We’re not sure who the pool might be for then. A woman’s voice called for “Alfredo.” Since there were Spanish explorers in the area in the 1500s and beyond, this entity may be from that time period.

Standing out by the pool, the big Dipper appears to be turned the wrong way. We walked down to the barn, and it seemed to be in the other direction. Truly confusing!

James and I went down to the barn. Listening, I heard a male voice demand, “Food. Bring me food.” Then, “wake up, wake up.” James made a sandwich and we took it down to the barn. Later, we heard a voice say, “Room service,” and “Thanks.” That gave us all a laugh!

In the backyard, a man called out desperately to “Bernadette!” “Come here, baby” he said. She seemed to answer, “Come here.” A female voice called, ”Antonio, I want you.” When we asked about aliens, an alien sounding voice answered, “Here, too.” “Are there people here from another world or time?” we questioned. “Could be” was our answer. A voice by the barn said “many coup” which is a Native American battle term. It refers to touching your enemy. How many Native Americans might be on the property? We had encountered at least one last time. Certainly there were enough intelligent answers, as well as dialogue between/among themselves.

The hit of the night was our Raggedy Ann, with her sensors that light up. Some entity was making them all light up as well as the K2 meter, which went all the way to red. The name “Jessica” came through the ovilus. “Are you Jessica?” we asked. Flashing lights! “Did you live her once?” Flashing lights! “Wow! Light the camera” was one of our EVPS. Another was a very creepy male voice saying,”Whatever works!” Perhaps the ghost hugging the doll wasn’t a little girl! When we asked if other children were here, a voice answered, “no girl.” However, when Greg thanked Jessica for lighting up everything, a female voice said, “Thank you.” We also heard the name “James. “ Another EVP was “I’m right here!” It seemed to answer another that said, “Oh, kid!” The ovilus gave us the word “gentle.” Other EVPs include: “Look at me.” “Don’t ya wanna play this?” and “Are we good enough?”

In the family room, I bumped a chair and it made a noise. “What’s that?” came through on our recording. There was a conversation among entities. It may have been about drugs. “My dope,” spoke male voice. “Get some,” responded a female voice. Another female voice said, “I don’t have the skinny.” “Get Bridget.” “Did you bring ours?” This conversation didn’t seem to interact with us at all. Later, I asked, “Are the spirits here good?” “We’re bad”, retorted a man’s voice. James said that there seemed to be orb activity in here, so I came back in. “What started you up?” I asked. “You did!” was the rejoinder! “I’ll get the ovilus,” said James. “OK,” said a voice. It also said jukebox. Was it calling the ovilus a jukebox? It seems like it. When I said that I was changing over to the ovilus, a voice said, “next” as if in response. When I ended, I got a “good bye” and a “what’s this?”

In the front bedroom, I asked if I could sit in the chair. Not hearing a response, I sat down and conducted an EVP session. When I listened later, I heard a woman say to me, “I do. Sit here.” I returned and apologized for sitting in her chair. When I began the session, I said that I was starting. “Hello,” answered a voice. “Are there ghosts here?” I queried. “They’re bad” was the answer. “Are there E.T.s here?” I asked. “We have more at Oak Hill,” was the flippant response. Ending the session, I said I was ending, “Bye!” Whatever presence was there was intelligent and intereacting. James said the woman who had owned the house died. Maybe she returned. I did get the impression that she was older. Maybe she enjoys sitting in the chair and looking out the window. There may have been tragedy at the site. Our EVPs include “burned up, we’re home, burning, my God, get them out.” This indicates that there might have been a fire, although there wasn’t in this house that we know of. The energy may be residual since the voices didn’t seem to interact with me at all.

In the middle bedroom, I asked. “Do you remember us?” “Vaguely,” was the reply. We asked how many ghosts were in the house. The answer was a very surprising, “400!” We can’t prove or disprove that number. I realized the door, which I had pulled almost closed, was open. “Who opened the door?” I asked. “My answer was, “The cat.” Later, I asked Greg, about it, thinking he might have looked in. “I think the cat came in. He came into the other room where I was.” The answer I got from the unseen presence was the same as the one I got from Greg.

In the master bedroom, a child’s voice said, “I want my mama” and
“Robby.” A voice, possibly referring to the fire said, “Your brother, horrible, nothing to do.” Unfortunately, we didn’t hear that at the time, or we could have tried to get more information.

One of the eeriest events was at the end of the investigation. We were going to pack up all the equipment, but James said he was getting spikes on “the wall.” This is the wall that last time seemed to move, for unexplained reasons. It’s in the family room. I checked with the Mel meter, and it was spiking. Up and down, up and down, from 0 to 3.5 to 1.1 to 7.2. “Can you bring this up to a 10 for me?” I asked. The meter went to a 10.1! Then it dropped back down. As I stood there, I got a cold shiver. I t was so pronounced they noticed. My hairs stood up on my arms the remainder of the time I was there, as if something was with me. This lasted at least 10 minutes, and in other rooms while I gathered up equipment.
Will we go back? Absolutely! This is an enthralling site, with many questions to be explained! Is it a vortex or something else entirely? We don’t know, but we want to find out!